5 Best Moments of Coachella 2024 Weekend One

Coachella Weekend One 2024 was initially greeted sourly with think pieces and tweets complaining about the dearth of star power on its lineups and the alleged dwindling of popularity and influence from the groundbreaking festival.

But when the gates opened Friday afternoon and the performances by the 150+ artists flowed through Sunday, a few acts truly shined.

These are five great moments by musicians excluding the tunes where they brought out special guests. Those will be highlighted on a seperate post.

Lana Del Rey arriving and departing on the back of a motorcycle

Lana Del Rey, for many, was the reason they were excited about this year's Coachella. The singer doesn't tour often and when she does they're not mammoth excursions. She seems to love Coachella though and being able to secure a headlining slot on the opening night has got to be something she'll never forget.

Likewise, arriving on the back of motorcycle, leading the procession, is so on-brand for our Brooklyn Baby / Venice B it's hard to believe she hadn't done if before.

Tyler, the Creator's explosive entrance

Not to be outdone, Tyler, the Creator kicked off his Saturday headlining show with a bang.

While wisely using the festival's enormous video screens to set the mood that he was in a campground on stage, the Odd Future leader literally blew out of an RV in an comical explosion befitting of the humorous rapper.

He then went on to playfully throw shade on "Paul T" (Coachella co-founder, Paul Tollett) for scheduling the set at 11:45pm, a time Tyler claimed was his bedtime.

One way to wake up the crowd 'round midnight is with pyro and a spectacular entrance. So bravo.

Sublime's first public performance with Jakob Nowell

In the 1990s, Sublime, led by singer/guitarist Bradley Nowell won audiences over with a string of quasi-ska hits like "Santeria," "Wrong Way," and "What I Got." The Long Beach band were often seen playing on bills with No Doubt. The songs kept being played on FM radio and later Lana Del Rey covered "Doin' Time," keeping it in the public consciousness, a song she played Friday night.

Tragically the original Sublime ended in '96 when Bradley overdosed on heroin.

In 2009, Rome Ramirez teamed up with the remaining members Eric Wilson and Bud Gaugh to create 'Sublime with Rome' who successfully toured for years until late 2023 when Bradley's son Jakob entered the picture.

Wilson and Gaugh had Jakob rock out with them last December for a benefit for Bad Brains frontman HR, and it was lovely.

Without any guest appearance from Lana or Gwen, the new Sublime showed up, Jakob took off his shirt and played with a carefree spirit from beyond.

No Doubt reunited like it was no big deal

For a band that hadn't played together in nine years, No Doubt sure made it feel like it was just yesterday when we last saw Gwen, Tony, Adrian and Tom.

Gwen and Tony were bouncing like it was the '80s. She may not have been revealing as much as she used to and he has a few more grays in his hair, but it was like old times. The band dusted off some deep cuts including the aggro "Total Hate" and even covered the Madness classic "One Step Beyond."

It's safe to say No Doubt received the adoration and love from the Coachella audience Blur was hoping for. But there really is something special about Gwen and those enduring hits.

Billie Eilish held a surprise listening party of new songs

By now people should know Coachella is far more than the names on the iconic poster. It's a scene. Especially Weekend One. Celebs, guest stars, and surprises await every night.

Saturday night, fresh off of dueting with Lana, Billie Eilish held an impromptu listening party at the Do Lab stage where she played two cuts from what will be her third album Hit Me Hard and Soft: "L'AMOUR DE MA VIE" and "LUNCH."

In December Eilish accidentally came out in a Variety interview as bisexual. Later she stated on her IG, “i like boys and girls leave me alone about it please literally who cares."

She might care when "LUNCH" becomes a lesbian anthem after the album is released this summer.

"I could eat that girl for lunch / Yeah, she dances on my tongue / Tastes like she might be the one / And I can never get enough / I could buy you so much stuff / It’s a craving, not a crush."

The second weekend of Coachella has yet to sell out. Get your wristbands on the Coachella website. Perhaps more surprises await.

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