Coachella 2024 Weekend Two Hopes and Predictions

Coachella 2024 Weekend One was pretty good: Lana arrived in a motorcycle and danced on a pole and sang with Billie; Tyler the Creator was hilarious and said some outrageous things and duetted with Childish Gambino, Doja Cat had costumes and special guests and at one point she tapped into our inner sasquatch.

And those were just the headliners.

No Doubt reunited, Kesha popped in, Sublime did fine with their new lineup, YG Marley had his first show (!), there was music from so many regions of this big blue planet it was way better than the doomsayers predicted. Even the free live stream was cool.

So what should we hope and pray for starting tonight from the most important polo fields in the world?

Let's start with Taylor Swift. She and her boo held hands and cuddled at the Neon Carnival, and sang along to Ice Spice. But your girl just dropped the new album, The Tortured Poets Department last night.

Taylor and Travis with some major PDA at Weekend One

Are we really to believe that the extremely calculating and organized marketing geniuses at Team Swift didn't intentionally plan on having this album drop on the eve of Weekend Two if she wasn't going to do then jump on stage and play a song or two in front of that audience who would eat it up?

Fearless prediction: Taylor will join Lana Del Rey on that same balcony she shared with Billie Eilish last weekend. They will sing "Snow on the Beach" together and then Taylor will bring Post Malone up and all three of them will sing the new song "Fortnight" together and break the Internet.

Speaking of Posty, the reason it would be possible for him to sing with Tay and LDR tonight is because next week he'll be on those very grounds for Stagecoach.

The loveable tattoo-faced Texan is scheduled to do a set of country covers on the same night Willie and Miranda will be bringing the yee haw to the desert.

He'll be fine at it. He can do anything. Remember during Covid when he got in a dress and blasted Nirvana covers along side Travis Barker and friends? Relax, he can do country.

He can also do what Billie did last Saturday night in the Do Lab and dance around as a DJ plays and everyone sings along.

Fearless prediction: Post Malone will make a guest appearance either alone or with someone this weekend, in a way to help promote Stagecoach... which is sold out but you can get on the waiting list here.

One set you might pay attention to is Blur's.

If you recall, they didn't really connect with the young audience last Saturday.

Blur has been blessed with a career where they are beloved anywhere they roam. The Britpop darlings can do no wrong in Europe where just last summer they played to a Coachella-size audience at Wembley as headliners.

When Damon Albarn instructs a crowd to sing 1994's "Girls & Boys" louder, the masses generally oblige. That didn't happen last Saturday to an audience who weren't even alive for 9/11.

Blurry prediction: Albarn et al will lower their expectations greatly and probably punish the audience by withholding the hits these kids should know, but probably don't. And instead they will do what they did last July and perform their most recent album, The Ballad of Darren, in its entirety, and maybe do a cheeky cover off today's Top 40 charts and call it a day.

Grimes also didn't have the best Weekend One. Her equipment was failing her. Things were playing at 2x the speed (which weirdly was fine) and she felt the urge to yell and apologize and yell some more. Also fine.

Because we love her we hope that drastically changes this weekend, but we clearly remember her way back at the Make Music Pasadena fest in 2012 having equally scattered reactions to everything happening around her as she was trying to sing and play and fend off security. All of which was even more endearing.

Grimey guess: She will have all her sounds and mixes secured in such a way that they won't be able to kill her vibe. We all learn from baby failures, both large and small. Not even the first Coachella was a success, financially, but they lived, loved and are now laughing.

Last week Sublime live-debuted their new singer, Jakob Newell, son of their original frontman Bradley, and it was beautiful and touching and sweet and for once AS IT SHOULD BE.

So many things just don't work out this seamlessly. Jakob looks the part, sounds right, plays and sings perfectly. That doesn't always happen.

But one of the sad moments was when he sarcastically said, "come on up, Lana," referring to the previous nights' headliner who covered one of his dad's classics in her set.

Maybe she was recouping from what had to be an incredibly stressful week leading up to her Friday gig in front of the entire g.d. world. Or maybe she didn't want to steal his thunder on his first public performance with two of the OG Sublime members.

Fondest wish: Both Lana and Gwen appear on stage with Jakob and Sublime on Saturday, which just so happens to be 4/20, and they sing The Toyes' original, "Smoke Two Joints."

Even though the song got tons of radio play on alternative stations like KROQ, the original Sublime didn't often play the tune featured on their debut, 40oz. to Freedom. Sublime with Rome, however couldn't play it enough. At 283 performances they pleased crowds with the party favorite. It was their fourth most-played tune.

Lana is known for her vaping. Gwen is the cool mom. Seems like the perfect fit.

Coachella Weekend Two still has wristbands available. Nab them before it's too late.

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