Coachella Weekend One Was Full of Live Debuts

If you're going to baptize a song, why not do it on the tranquil fields at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival in front of a welcoming audience?

Several artists did just that on weekend one in Indio, with live debuts which went over the heads of some and straight in the hearts of others.

Here's a spotlight on a few of them.

Deftones - "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want"

In 2005 when the Deftones compiled some of their favorite B-sides and covers for Rarities, Covers and Videos, the track listings alone raised eyebrows. Covers of The Cure? Skynyrd? Sade?

But just like many things the Sacramento rockers touched, it transcended expectations. But then many of those songs took a back seat live. Their cover of The Smiths' B-side "Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want" being one of them.

Nearly 20 years after its release, the Deftones finally performed it loud in the Morrissey-friendly Southern California. We thank them for giving us what we want.

Ice Spice - Gimme A Light(?)

With her bestie, Taylor Swift, in the pit cheering her on, Ice Spice live debuted what Genius had deemed "Gimme A Light" which has a sample from Sean Paul's "Gimme The Light."

If you were watching the Coachella stream on YouTube, this was the song where she was handed a cameraphone on a selfie stick and she danced around with it and then gave it back and then danced above him.

When this song comes out that footage has got to be intercut with the video because how may tunes can say they had not only their live debut at Coachella, but also their music video shot from the stage?

Doja Cat - "URRRGE!!!!!!!!!!"

The vast majority of Doja Cat's eye popping set were songs from Scarlet / Scarlet 2, with the latter dropping on April 5. Since Doja is on a brief hiatus through June when she begins the Euro leg of her tour, Coachella provided a perfect venue to share with the world some of her newest tracks.

Doja live debuted several songs on Sunday night "OKLOSER," "MASC," and "ACKNOWLEDGE ME." Near the end of her set she brought out ASAP Rocky for the sure-thing banger “URRRGE!!!!!!!!!!”

Even Rihanna was in the audience to check out her boo's new collab about the struggles of self control.

YG Marley - "Running to a Solution"

Yes, this isn't the song, but all of his videos are being taken down. Hopefully this one stays up.

YG Marley, the 22-year-old grandson of Bob Marley and son of Miss Lauryn Hill, only had two songs to himself at Coachella before he brought out his mom and several other guests.

But right before that soulful parade began, he live debuted "Running To Freedom," a tune DJ Khaled produced that had recently dropped.

Unless we're mistaken this is YG's first concert as the sole name on the poster, which would make all of this a very special debut for reggae royalty.

Tyler, The Creator - "Best Interest"

Tyler's minimalistic set and glorious backdrops Saturday night helped draw attention to his unique rap delivery and infectious dancing.

The hyper creative leader of Odd Future live debuted the 2019 stray "Best Interest," originally recorded for the Grammy-winning Igor.

What's fascinating about the song is it has still never been attached to an album, but a video was made. A few days before Christmas in 2019, Tyler tweeted this about the making of the video: "was on a boat, told the homie to just start filming, i was lip syncing to no music, was surprised when it synced up perfectly."

Likewise, "Best Interest" fit in nicely in his mesmerizing set.

Faye Webster - "Wanna Quit All the Time," "He Loves Me Yeah!" & "Lego Ring"

Sporting big beautiful blue oversized mens pajamas and playing her guitar in front of a giant plain blue t-shirt, Faye Webster live debuted three new songs in the Sonora Tent.

So why the get up and t-shirt backdrop? Maybe it has something to do with the fact her new confessional LP is called Underdressed at the Symphony.

Good news and bad news about "Lego Ring": on the album Webster's childhood pal Lil Yachty appears on the track. While he didn't show up last weekend to help her usher in the debut, perhaps he will make his way to the tent next weekend?

Wristbands are still available for Weekend Two, snatch them up on the Coachella website.

See more setlists (and live debuts) from Coachella 2024 weekend one here.

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