Five Live Pieces of Vinyl to Snatch Up on Record Store Day

Record Store Day began way back in 2007 to celebrate one of the greatest ways to learn about music: from the corner shop.

The clerks at Walmart, Target or Urban Outfitters might be able to point you to where the wax is located, but can they ask you the proper qualifying questions to match you with the next record that will change your life?

No disrespect to the kid in the vest, but probably not.

What we all need are insane music snobs who listen all day while stocking the shelves and debating with every stranger who comes in trying to sell their mom's 45s.

We all need record store nerds, who in turn need record stores.

Even though some of these pieces of vinyl will be available online after Record Store Day, at least see if there's a store near you before you let your fingers do the rocking. Here's how many shops are participating in Los Angeles alone.

This Record Store Day falls on April 20, which shouldn't be hard to forget.

All the special LPs, EPs and 45s your favorite artists are releasing on Saturday should make it extremely hard to choose which ones to scoop up and add to the collection.

Vinyl sales today are much higher than they were in the '90s. Chart via Statista

Don't have a record player yet? Now might be the time to get one. Look at how many more albums are being sold these days compared to the late '80s and 90s.

When does technology go backwards? Apparently there was something beautiful in that warm, sometimes scratchy sound.

So here are a few live albums coming out on Saturday you shouldn't overlook.

De La Soul - Live at Tramps, NYC, 1996

Kelvin “Posdnuos” Mercer, Vincent “Pasemaster Mase” Mason, and Dave “Trugoy the Dove” Jolicoeur were three of the most innovative and creative rappers to come out during the college alternative era of the late 1980s.

Dedicated to be positive, upbeat members of the culture, De La Soul likened themselves to flower power hippies as opposed to scary gang members. Tragically died last February after struggling for years of heart issues. Sadder still, the group had just won the rights to their albums, some of which had been impossible to find for years.

"(Three is) The Magic Number" was perfect in Spider-Man 3 because of the trio of Spider-men in the film.

Sharp eared Gen Xers were shocked at the end credits of Spider-man No Way Home to hear the lost 1989 gem "The Magic Number" from their groundbreaking 3 Feet High and Rising LP.

Sadly that tune isn't on this live album, but what is are a parade of guest appearances starting with Mos Def on "Big Brother Beat" from '96's Stakes Is High, the new album they were supporting on that tour.

Another cut from that album was "The Bizness" featuring Common who joined the gents on stage that night as well, right after they covered one of his tunes with him.

3 Feet High was represented with a few tunes that Manhattan night. The super fun "Buddy" was the second-to-last hit of the set, and just like on the album, Jungle Brothers joined De La.

The Replacements - Not Ready for Prime Time: Live At The Cabaret Metro, Chicago, IL, January 11, 1986

A week before The Replacements, one of rock's greatest bands, were to play their infamous set on Saturday Night Live, which would get them permanently banned from the TV program, they played an epic show at the Cabaret Metro in the Wrigleyville neighborhood of Chicago.

Supporting their major label debut, Tim, the band had stormed around the country with their legendary brand of sloppy, drunken, wild sorta-punk who many would consider the foreshadowing of Grunge.

One of the two songs from Tim The Replacements played on SNL the night they got banned for being too drunk and cursing on the live air. But like, what did NBC think?

The Replacements never gave audiences the same show two nights in a row. Thanks to their drinking, self-destructive ways, and uncomfortable relationship with their majesty, some shows were nosedives into the abyss, where others had glorious flashes of rock 'n roll greatness.

They were like the Warner Bros frog that sometimes sang perfectly, and sometimes just croaked ribbit while wearing a stupid top hat.

That January in Chicago, their first show of the new year, they ripped through 28 songs, including unreleased "Can't Hardly Wait," and seven covers - a few which were spontaneous requests that were yelled at Paul Westerberg, Tommy and Bob Stinson, and Chris Mars.

If you drink, buy a six pack, down it, turn off the lights, and crank this thing.

Talking Heads - LIVE AT WCOZ 77

Just a few months after the quirky quartet released their debut, Talking Heads '77, they did a live show at Northern Studios near Boston which was aired on WCOZ (now WJMN). Right after the historic recording they'd drive up to Albany, NY to perform at Page Hall.

The show was so good, five of the tracks were included on their first live album, The Name of the Band is The Talking Heads. Now with this new collection, listeners get to hear the entire show, on vinyl, including "Thank You For Sending Me An Angel," "Uh Oh, Love Comes To Town," and the great Al Green cover "Take Me To The River."

A mere five years after they debuted, the Talking Heads blessed us with a second live album you may have heard of, Stop Making Sense. The film for that show got a grand 40th anniversary treatment last year and it can now be streamed through various services and if you haven't seen it yet: you're in for a treat.

But what's startling about Live at WCOZ is how fully formed the Heads are just a few years into their development. The songs, the sounds, the vocals, the oddness, is all right there - and so different from their CBGB peers like The Ramones and Blondie.

The Doors - Stockholm, Konserthuset September 20 1968

In the fall of 1968, The Doors and The Jefferson Airplane were touring Europe. The psychedelic superstars each had three albums under their belts and were hyper competitive on the road to outdo one another on tour - Summer of Love be damned.

What we get in these recordings is peak Jim Morrison, the poet, the rockstar, the Lizard King. We also get soooo many hits. So many classics this is a triple LP configuration, remastered, to accommodate the best of both the early and late shows in Sweden. Enjoy an extra long version of "The End" which takes up the entire sixth side of the package.

Collectors should note, just 11,300 copies of this album will be pressed.

Olivia Rodrigo - "Stick Season" / Noah Kahan - "lacy"

Back in the day if you were an up-and-coming band who could barely afford to record one song, let alone two, you might team up with a buddy band and make a "split single" where you each get one side of a 45" to present one song.

Olivia Rodrigo and her Guts tourmate (on the first leg), Noah Kahan, are doing something along those lines, with a twist. Olivia and Noah are each covering each other on this split single.

Olivia, who just appeared with No Doubt at Coachella last weekend, was recorded last year at the Hollywood Forever cemetery by the BBC covering Kahan's "Stick Season."

Not too long after that, the BBC captured Kahan covering Rodrigo's "lacy." With his full band, including banjo and background singers, it really is "the sweetest thing on this side of hell."

The Guts second leg begins next month in Dublin. Join the waitlist and pray for tickets to get released.

Rolling Stones - Live At Racket - NYC

Remember when The Rolling Stones performed a secret show to 600 lucky ducks at the Racket club in Manhattan? Do you recall when they played a bunch of new songs like “Angry,” “Bite My Head Off,” “Whole Wide World,” and then Lady Gaga came out and sang “Sweet Sounds of Heaven” with Mick, Keith, Ronnie and the crew?

Well it was terrific. Fans who bought a deluxe version of Hackney Diamonds - the Stone's first new cd of originals since 2005 - they received a bonus disc of the seven numbers from that live performance.

But what if you don't like CDs. Some homes don't even have a compact disc player.

Luckily for you Geffen is minting 7,000 copies of that show on vinyl.

1. Shattered (Live at Racket, NYC)
2. Angry (Live at Racket, NYC)
3. Whole Wide World (Live at Racket, NYC)
4. Tumbling Dice (Live at Racket, NYC)
5. Bite My Head Off (Live at Racket, NYC)
6. Jumpin' Jack Flash (Live at Racket, NYC)
7. Sweet Sounds of Heaven – feat. Lady Gaga (Live at Racket, NYC)

Embedded content is no longer available.

Up, sha-doobie

Speaking of the Stones, they kick off their Hackney Diamonds Tour at the end of this month in Houston, Texas and traveling around North America through the middle of June.

Get your tickets from their website.

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