Rolling Stones Kick Off Tour with a Classic Never Performed in US

The Rolling Stones kicked off their 19th tour around North America and did something they'd never done before: they played their 1966 hit "Out of Time."

Was it something we said?

America should not feel slighted, the Stones hadn't live-debuted the Aftermath-era tune until 2022 in Madrid, Spain, meaning Charlie Watts never performed it live with his famous friends.

Now that's a concert poster

So thanks to this new album, Hackney Diamonds, and supporting tour, we get to sing along to the diddy the Stones first put out on the same LP as "Paint it Black," "Mother's Little Helper," and "Under My Thumb;" hits that clearly overshadowed the tune.

Another reason they probably never sang it live in the '60s was because Mick Jagger produced a version for Chris Farlowe (with a young Jimmy Page on guitar) that went #1 in the UK.

After the Houston fans got to hear it, 80-year-old Jagger put his wireless microphone into the front of his pants, applauded them, and said, "you sang that good. I didn't think you really knew it, but you got to know it as you went along."

Got to know it? It was on More Hot Rocks (Big Hits & Fazed Cookies). Who attending a Stones show in 2024 doesn't know it?

The band also live debuted a new song from Hackney Diamonds, "Mess It Up." Of the 18 numbers they played for the 72,000 at NRG Stadium, three were from the new release, the band's 31st studio album.

The other two fresh songs, "Angry," and "Sweet Sounds of Heaven" got their live debuts way back in October when they hosted an intimate club date in Manhattan with special guest Lady Gaga.

To many people's dismay, Gaga did not pop out for the tour opener to sing her part on "Sweet Sounds of Heaven," but background singer Chanel Haynes filled in beautifully.

You might remember Haynes as the actress/singer who was starring in the Tina Turner play in the UK and was fired from the production of "Tina" after she sang with the band in Italy. The Stones, famously, had a close relationship with Turner and when they stumbled upon Haynes who looks and sounds so much like the recently fallen performer, hired her quickly for this tour where she also sings those iconic parts in "Gimme Shelter."

โ€œMick Jagger and the Rolling Stones did for me what he did for Tina Turner,โ€ Haynes told CNN in a statement. โ€œHe shared his stage with me and exposed me to a new audience, and for that, I am eternally grateful.โ€

The Stones head down to New Orleans next for Jazz Fest, then head west for stops in AZ, Vegas and Washington. Then they take a week off to play all the way out in Jersey then head south. They wrap up their North American tour in the middle of July in California.

Tickets are available on their website.

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