Stagecoach '24 Covers: Lana, Post Malone, Jelly Roll, Tenille T

Some of the most fun moments of Stagecoach this year were the cover songs artists did to honor the musicians that came before them and influenced their own work.

Only one person (hint: he has face tattoos) did more covers in their set than Eric Church, go here to see how Eric's set went over.

But when everyone was waiting for Beyoncé to make a guest appearance, these stars threw curveballs in their setlists with covers.

Jelly Roll & T-Pain, "Should've Been a Cowboy" - (Toby Keith)

A big reason some were disappointed with Church's Friday night headlining gospel hour is because Jelly Roll warmed up the crowd with wall-to-wall bangers. And when he mixed it up, he did it with a guest appearance of T-Pain who really brought the crowd to the next level.

The pair then covered Toby Keith's "Should've Been a Cowboy" as a tribute to the country superstar who died in February of stomach cancer. Earlier in the day they released a charity single of the cover with proceeds going to Keith's children's cancer charity.

They did, Monika!

"I love T-Pain and I love his work and I was thinking about who would be a perfect surprise guest for Stagecoach that nobody would see coming," Jelly Roll told Variety. "I love putting together odd pairings, because I think I’m an odd pairing by myself. And I think Toby was kind of all about that too. And then when I got to talking to T-Pain about Toby just in general, he was telling me the story about how the only time he’s ever done something big in the country space, at the CMT Awards, he was presenting with Toby [in 2009]. And he was just talking about just how awesome Toby was just as a human and how Toby made him feel comfortable and was cracking him up before they went out."

Lana Del Rey & Paul Cauthen, "Unchained Melody" - (Righteous Brothers, Elvis)

Does Lana live in Palm Springs now?

After spending two weeks headlining Coachella, Lana Del Rey was back at the Polo Fields for a few reasons. Firstly one of her best friends Nikki Lane was performing in a curiously tiny stage while hosting a special BBQ event on Thursday.

At the event Paul Cauthen was in attendance and there are photos of he and Lana huddled close as he was strumming a guitar.

The very next day, Paul invited Lana on stage during his set to perform "Unchained Melody," which if you recall, she sang at Graceland last Christmas for the NBC special hosted by The King's granddaughter.

Nikki is back on the road starting May 9 in Florida. Get tickets through her website.

Lana is at the Hangout Festival in a few weeks, tix are available on her site.

Post Malone w/ Dwight Yoakam, "Little Ways"- (Yoakam)

Sure Beyoncé has her country record, Lana is ready to make hers, even Ed Sheeran is going to add some fiddle and banjo to his next project.

But if someone was a sure fire crossover country star in the making, it's Dallas Cowboy fan Post Malone who can seemingly do anything he damn well pleases.

On Saturday night Posty ripped through an 11-song set of covers and somehow wrangled several of those he was covering to join him.

"We're going to be doing a bunch of songs that I (expletive) love," he said donning a flannel shirt, blue jeans, while holding a red Solo cup in one hand and a cigarette in the other.

Dwight Yoakam. Brad Paisley, and Sara Evans helped out our lovable rapper/singer/unlikely heartthrob through a crowd-pleasing journey.

Posty has a handful of festival dates lined up. Go to his site to nab tickets.

Tenille Townes, "I'm The Only One" - Melissa Etheridge

The award-winning Canadian country star Tenille Nicole Nadkrynechny aka Tenille Townes delivered an edgy version of Melissa Etheridge's hit on Saturday afternoon. A singer whose voice reminds one of a wonderful mixture of Janis Joplin and Bonnie Raitt, Townes has been touring since she was a teenager.

Someone not one bit afraid of covers, Townes will be performing a collection of Patty Griffin songs in Nashville in May. Get your tickets here.

Willie Nelson & Family, "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" - William MacEwan

Even though in these videos you'll see many of the 70,000 in attendance holding up their phones, but very few clips of Stagecoach have made it onto YouTube or Twitter, so we will have to resort to this windy recording of Willie Nelson playing one of the 12 covers he sung a few days before his 91st birthday.

Today is Willie's born day. Just listen to him knock out that gospel staple as Jelly Roll and Charley Crockett join the stage with him.

It was the 444th time the Red Headed Stranger sang the hymn in concert, making him the clear leader. Our databases have Bob Dylan as the earliest to put it in a setlist, however since the song was written in 1907, The Bard was far from the first to sing it in public.

Speaking of Dylan: Willie, Robert Plant and Dylan are going to be heading on tour together this summer. Go to Willie's site for tickets to those shows and others he and Trigger'll be playing.

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