Ways Coachella's Couchella TV Could Improve

Before anyone gets the wrong impression: I love that Coachella has been bringing the festival to those around the world who can't make it to the desert via YouTube for free.

The Goldenvoice-curated festival has always been cutting edge and despite what the critics say, the dual weekends of concerts have continued to push the envelope and streaming the biggest names without ads or nonsense is a blessing on many levels.

It's a gift to those who cannot afford all the other expenses other than the $550 wristband, and to those who really just want to see one or two performers and then switch back over to Law & Order.

But it could be so much better.

Here are some ideas that could improve the already-good Coachella on YouTube experience. And best of all, the technology for all of this already exists.

Have at least one YouTube channel that mirrors NFL's RedZone

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Every Sunday during the NFL season there are multiple games being played at the same time. Directv wisely created a way for fans to watch several games at once on one screen, narrated by a host.

But unlike how Coachella is currently doing it, the Directv host has full control of the screens, so if one game is in a commercial or there's no imminent scoring, it's removed. That way when you watch it's all action.

There were many gaps in Coachella's broadcast last weekend where only one or two of the four options on the screen had live performances. The others showed static screens listing the set times for the upcoming acts.

Among the existing channels YouTube has set up for Coachella, there should be an additional channel that mimics the RedZone where a host can say, "ok that was Brittany Howard in the Gobi tent, now let's move over to the Coachella Stage where Lil Uzi Vert has just begun."

Make sure the host(s) are ridiculously knowledgeable like Nardwuar or Matt Pinfield

One of the things that makes the RedZone channel Scott Hanson is an excellent play-by-play announcer who seemingly knows every player. If Coachella TV had two hosts - one in the day and one in the night - they'd only have to prepare for about a dozen bands each per day. The amount of great tidbits they (and their team) could cull could be amazing.

Especially if they studied our setlists.

Doling out those facts about these bands who, hate to say it, are relatively unknown to casual viewers, would be an education all in its own.

When YG Marley was booked for Sunday afternoon but it pretty much turned into a Miss Lauryn Hill show (which was perfectly fine), it would have been nice to have had a play-by-play announcer explain to the crowd who everyone was and their relation to 22-year-old YG.

Since this broadcast is a partnership with Goldenvoice / AEG / Coachella, surely they were not surprised with what went down the other day. Give that info to the hosts.

Have one channel that just feeds facts beneath each performance

Kids today might be too young to remember VH-1's Pop Up Video and a lot of those facts were not all that insightful, but between the time the bands are booked and it's showtime, there's got to be a publicist or team that can craft together 100 facts about the group, the songs, and the albums that can then be placed on a scroll at the bottom of the screen.

When many people see the Coachella poster, their eyes glaze over the majority of the bands. That is an opportunity. Be the festival that not only brings fresh sounds and faces to US audiences, but also be the one that educates their YouTube viewers as they watch. It'll keep them watching longer and omg they might actually get to know these artists and become fans.

Have an Isolated Camera View for all Coachella Stage shows

The Coachella Stage is huge and there are dozens of cameras surrounding it. How hard would it be to have one camera fixed on each member of the band, if it's, say No Doubt?

Maybe all I want to watch is Gwen the whole show. Maybe my girlfriend only wants to watch Tony. YouTube has the technology to show us four screens at once, how about one for Gwen, one for Tony, one for the crowd and one for that wacky drummer?

Now everyone's happy.

Coachella Weekend Two still has tickets available. Go grab them. Or if you can't make it, go watch on YouTube.com/Coachella and if you have improvements for Couchella, let us know!

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