Machine Head Is Against Fans Doing Pro-Wrestling Moves in the Pit

It’s not exactly a new thing for shows to feature a set of rules for attendees. No outside food or drink, no reentry after the show starts, everyone’s going to be searched before they can come inside. But there’s also those common sense rules that, really, shouldn’t even need to be mentioned. For example: don’t perform wrestling moves in the pit.
Unfortunately, during a Machine Head show in Southampton, someone decided to do exactly that. An unknown man picked up a fan eventually identified as Dan Giles and decided to hit him with a suplex, a wrestling move that involves one opponent picking up the other and somehow throwing them onto their back. Something you should never ever do if you don’t know how, if your opponent doesn’t know how to take the move and you absolutely should not do in a crowded pit at a rock concert.
Giles was dropped on his head and knocked unconscious for 45 minutes. In a statement on Machine Head’s Facebook page, Robb Flynn explained “We stopped the show after people alerted us that he was not getting up, and we were unable to finish the concert as we waited for an ambulance to arrive, combined with a strict Sunday night curfew.”
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Luckily Giles will be fine. But Machine Head has admitted that they’ve seen an uptick in pit injuries and said they need to “figure out the best way to approach this, and involving well-trained concert security familiar with Machine Head-type shows at a higher level will absolutely be important.”
But of course, there’s the very obvious point here, “To say that Machine Head does NOT in any way approve of this WWE-type of behavior at our show would be a fucking understatement.”
Come on, folks. I watch wrestling, I know how often they air “don’t try this at home” messages. Even WWE’s Seth Rollins doesn’t do stuff like that, and he still gets himself banned from festivals somehow.

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