Single Release: Christina Aguilera “Fall In Line" feat. Demi Lovato

This empowering new duet left me shook ladies and gentleman. After listening to Christina Aguilera’s new song with Demi Lovato, I had to lay down because I was getting heartburn. “Fall In Line” is filled with luxurious and long vocal runs. Warning: do not listen to this song on full volume because Xtina and Demi belting is going to make your headphones explode (just kidding… or am I). When I first played this track my car doors were rattling, my heart was beating fast and my spaghetti was dissolving.
In “Fall In Line,” Xtina and Demi share personal experiences of misogyny. The track is a self-powering anthem to help young women defeat the patriarchy. “Little girls, listen closely ‘cause no one told me, but you deserve to know,” Xtina belts at the beginning of the track. She then continues to tell us girls that as they get older, they have to stand their ground, speak their mind and not fall in line.
This beautiful fiery track is something that young women need to hear. Xtina and Demi’s duet is powerful and something to look up to. I felt inspired after listening this song. I feel unstoppable and powerful. But wait… it gets better. “Fall In Line” ends with Xtina and Demi ad-libbing runs over a man’s voice ordering them around. Iconic. I am shaking, I can’t believe it. They did THAT.
Xtina’s new era is only beginning and I am excited to see what she has in store for us. She is releasing her first studio album since Lotus in 2012. Her sixth studio album Liberation is going to liberate me of my Xtina drought. The power-pop album is set to be released June 15. Mark your calendars because it is going to be amazing.
Listen to “Fall In Line” below:
Fall In Line

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