Kali Uchis + Jorja Smith Dazzle Fans at The Greek in Los Angeles

It was a night of musical prowess as the dynamic duo tour of the century, Kali Uchis and Jorja Smith, graced the majestic Greek Theater in Los Angeles' Griffith Park last night (May 14), their first night of two.
I can't attest for the other shows on the tour, but during their sold-out LA stop, the women, as the kids would say, absolutely SNAPPED. After the opening act, Smith was first up. Donning a hot pink jumpsuit that hugged every beautiful curve and an award-winning high pony (sorry Ariana), she made the stage her b*tch.
Smith didn't have to do much other than tower over her mic and belt songs from her gut while waving her arm in the arm like a magical wand. She performed a 12-song setlist that was a showcase of her debut 2018 album Lost & Found. The set fired off with "Teenage Fantasy" and from there took fans on a journey of the heart and soul.

She ended with the crowd singing with her in unison on her hit tracks "Blue Lights" and the bumpin' "On My Mind." Her backup band brought each and every song to life as each member was lined up on their own pedestal and guitar solos were aplenty.
Check out her setlist here:
Jorja Smith
And photos here:
Jorja Smith - The Greek Theater - Los Angeles, California - 5.14.2019
After a swift stage setup change, Uchis gracefully took to the stage a half hour later. Her stage setup also included a full band as well as a center, circular rotating pedestal with a staircase. Uchis flirted her way up and down the centerpiece and around the stage during the entire set effortlessly as if on a cloud.
Each night the queen has been sporting a different outfit, and our show saw her flawless self adorned in a sparkly cat suit that was equipped with a gorgeous mesh face mask, spotted with tiny diamonds all the way up to her hair. She also was another contender for best high-pony award, which swayed back and forth like a unicorn's tail.
The first song was sultry slow-burner "Loner," the perfect track to mesmerize the fans with her blissful trance. After properly hooking us with her addicting rasp and booty pops (all while singing about her thriving independence,) Ms. Uchis got the crowd really going as she busted out "Dead to Me" followed by "Just a Stranger."
Being an LA gig, we got treated to a star-studded event as Kali brought out her first guest of the night. The queen of collabs was joined by Steve Lacy on "Just a Stranger" which was a joy to fans, garnering roaring cheers.
Next up was a medley of covers that transformed so well into Kali's musical style, people could barely tell they were cover songs. She went from Don Omar's "Pobre Diabla" to Pharrell's "Beautiful" (prefaced with her mentioning how many beautiful girls she's seen at the show, and continuing to sing in ballad form for the GIRLS); and ended on a sexy rendition of Radiohead's "Creep," which she performed seductively while half lying on the stairs. Can you imagine the chills?
Uchis continued the set with cuts off both Isolation and Por Vida, never allowing anyone to get off their feet or stop their grooving and giving off some serious Selena vibes at times.
By the end of the set, Uchis brought the vibe to a peak with "After the Storm" and stunned the crowd when Tyler, The Creator ran out and rapped his part on the song, although if you could actually hear him over the deafening ovations then consider yourself lucky.
Check out photos of Kali here:
Kali Uchis - The Greek Theater - Los Angeles, California - 5.14.2019
That wasn't the end of the show though! The highlight of the night was by far the duo encore of Kali and Jorja, which literally gave me goosebumps the entire time. They started seated on top of the stairs and sang a number of covers, like two goddesses performing on an alter.
They started with Erykah Badu's "On & On" before going into a very touching rendition of Amy Winehouse's "Stronger Than Me." When Kali sang "I'm not gonna meet your mother anytime / I just want to grip your body over mine" she had us SCREAMING.
Taking it to the next level, the ladies went into a medley of Destiny Child's "Bills Bills Bills" and "Say My Name," where the chemistry between the two was at a peak and I needed to fan myself off a couple times because the heat was so overwhelming.
The night's grand finale was none other than their collaborative track, 2018's hottest bop, "Tyrant." As the girls were feeling themselves through the performance, the audience couldn't help but mimic the mood. And then the confetti cannon went off and we LOST it.
Yeah... They REALLY did us like that!
I don't know if we're worthy of this kind of power, but the gratitude was deeply felt and everyone at The Greek left the show feeling baptized because Kali & Jorja saved us from our sins.
See Kali's setlist here:
Kali Uchis
The only thing I have left to say to Kali & Jorja:

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