Morrissey Makes Broadway Debut With New Residency Kickoff

It happened, Morrissey hit the stage at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre in New York for his "Broadway debut" last night (May 2) which served as the kickoff of his weeklong residency that runs through May 11.
The night featured a setlist stacked with hits, fan favorites, deep cuts and of course, The Smiths material aplenty, opening with a Broadway twist on a famous lyric before appropriately moving into "That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore" – watch below!
With a new covers album on the horizon, Morning Star out May 24, Morrissey took the opportunity to play one song from the upcoming release, that song was "Morning Starship" by Jobriath which you see below.
Aside from Jobriath, the only other non-Smiths cover performed was "Back On The Chain Gang" by The Pretenders which has been a part of his setlist rotation since October of 2017.

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It's not everyday Morrissey performs in a 1,500 capacity venue, delivering one of his most intimate shows to date. Imagine being that lucky, to be one of those 1,500! By the time the 7 show residency wraps on May 11, there will have been a total of 10,500 people to experience Morrissey on Broadway!
The 20-track setlist ended with an encore performance of "Let Me Kiss You," where he thanked the audience graciously and jokingly let them know that he would be there at the Lunt-Fontanne Theater the next day for another show, however, that audience would not be in attendance, haha.
A quick look at social media platforms like Instagram reveal fans showed up and showed out for the iconic singer, helping make his Broadway debut a grand one! Though would we expect anything less for the seasoned showman?

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You can take a look at the setlist from Morrissey's Broadway debut below and if you're fortunate enough to be in New York, you should try and get tickets to see this man in that theater, it looks like it's worth every penny!

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