Concert of Day: Metallica's 10-Song Set at Metro in Chicago 1983

Another day another quarantine. So goes 2020. As we navigate this "new normal," we need to find ways to fill it with things that make us happy as much as we can and for Metallica fans, that comes on Mondays.
Every Monday during the pandemic, Metallica shares a new concert stream pulled from their archives. Their "Metallica Mondays" webcast series has allowed fans to revisit, and discover, past iconic shows that are worth reliving.
Today's concert takes us way back to the beginning, 1983. For newer and younger Metallica fans, this is very exciting because the show features the Cliff Burton days (RIP). At 5PM PST, the band will be streaming their gig from August 12, 1983, at Metro in Chicago.
The show was part of their extensive Kill 'Em All For One Tour, in support of their debut album. During the tour, they played both headlining shows, with bands like Anthrax as support, and they opened for other bands too, like Twisted Sister.
This particular show is shorter than the Metallica gigs we're used to today, clocking in at 10 songs. Makes sense though, because they only had one studio album out.
They kick off the night with the two opening songs off the LP: "Hit the Lights" and "The Four Horsemen." The setlist included the three lead singles off the record too: "Jump in the Fire," "Whiplash," and staple hit "Seek & Destroy."
"Jump in the Fire" has become more of a deep cut these days, while "Seek & Destroy" is their third more performed song to date.
But what really cements this show as our "Concert of the Day" is the guitar solo segment, which comes towards the end of the set. So, if you want to watch fans grabbing Kirk Hammett's guitar and destroying it, then make sure you watch the entire hour-long set!
They end the epic night on "Metal Militia," check out the full setlist below!
You can watch the show below:

Head to Metallica's official website for more info on "Metallica Mondays" and more!
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