Lady Gaga's "Chromatica" is the Album We've Been Waiting For

The world of "Chromatica" is fully realized, finally. After Lady Gaga was forced to push the album back from April 10 to May 29 due to the COVIS-19 pandemic, Lady Gaga has finally unleashed her latest studio album onto the world, offering up a collection of club bangers in the form of Chromatica.
The sixteen-track record is Gaga doing what Gaga does best–well, actually, she's pretty damn good at whatever she tackles, is she not? But Gaga embracing her pop/dance roots will always be my favorite iteration of the seasoned pop star. I'm happy to report that she's left behind the ballads and singer/songwriter hits of recent years that can be heard on her Joanne and A Star Is Born projects. Instead, Mother Monster gives the fans what they really want, a full throttle dance record that's destined to soundtrack your club-filled nights–once we're allowed to go back to the clubs that is.
Chromatica echoes the dark and industrial tones of Born This Way but leans heavily on the dance sounds of the '90s to give this new era a voice all its own. There's no shortage of electric records as every song is a chance to throw your hands in the air and throw all your worries out the window, something that is much needed right now.
Everything leading up to the release of Chromatica had been nothing short of worthwhile hype. From the Max Martin finesse of "Stupid Love" to the inclusion of Ariana Grande on summer anthem, "Rain On Me," the buildup has been as epic as the album itself is.
There's a jolt of fierceness that Chromatica emits, it's hard not to move along with every listen. From the euphoric verses and hooks on album standout "911" to the melodic bridge on "Plastic Doll" that feels like Beethoven had a hand in. Chromatica is stacked with moments to remember from start to finish.
Lady Gaga offers an escape of the very current and very freighting real world with Chromatica. Listeners are given the chance to suspend their fears and worries during the forty-three minute runtime.
Album highlights:
  • "911"
  • "Plastic Doll"
  • "Sine From Above"
  • "Rain On Me"

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