Radiohead Live Debut "Talk Show Host" This Day in Barcelona 1997

23 years ago Radiohead were unleashing the power of OK Computer onto the world and it all started on this day, May 22, 1997 in Barcelona. It was exactly a day after the iconic album dropped and Radiohead were celebrating the release at Zeleste ahead of the world tour, also known as the Against Demons Tour.

The tour was extensive and taxing but that first night, the world was their oyster and the shows that followed undoubtedly cemented Radiohead as a major live act. They brought onto the stage with them a whooping 21-song setlist that featured three encores.

The setlist fired off with OK Computer's "Lucky" then explored other gems in their catalog like "Bones," "You," and "Fake Plastic Trees." But the setlist was definitely dominated by OKC tracks.

The most exciting part of the set, however, came 8 songs in, when Radiohead pulled out a live debut of B-Side cut "Talk Show Host." The song first appeared on the Street Spirit (Fade Out) single EP and was later remixed for the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack.

Since this debut, Radiohead have performed the song about 242 times, the last time being on their last tour in 2018, where they played it at 4 different shows. While there's no footage of them live premiering the song, check out this performance of the track during their Glastonbury debut that same year:

See what other gems they performed at the Barcelona show below:


Radiohead are releasing archival concert footage every week for as long as the pandemic lasts. Maybe they'll release the 1997 Barcelona show? Keep up-to-date below!

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