Halsey Kicks Off Love and Power Tour with Three Live Debuts

Halsey kicked off her Love and Power tour last night (May 17) at the iTHINK Amphitheater in West Palm Beach, Florida. The tour supports her 4th studio album, 2021's If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power. The pop singer incorporated ALMOST all of the album tracks in the 25-song setlist - the only song not included, even in part or played from tape, was "Bells in Santa Fe."

The 2-hour long set was divided into four chapters, the first being The Capture. "The Tradition" was the opening song, followed by Halsey's #1 most-performed song to date, "The Castle." "Easier Than Lying" got its 3rd-ever play, and "You Should Be Sad" had to be stopped and restarted to help an injured fan.

Chapter 2: Release began with an extended version of "Graveyard." Halsey had forewarned her fans that some of the imagery and graphics would not be suitable for young children, perhaps illustrated in point during "Lillith" - look:

The first live debut of the evening was "The Lighthouse" - you can see that YouTube short here.

Chapter 3: Reflection opened with the Halsey / Marshmello collab "Be Kind" during which she painted on stage. The paintings will be auctioned off for a cause post-tour.

Manic track "More" got a moving live debut:

Only one song from her 2017 album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom made the cut, and that was "Bad at Love" mid-set. The last live debut of the evening, "Whispers" preceded "Gasoline."

Halsey opened the Epilogue: Revenge portion of the show with "Nightmare" - visuals included commentary on the current Roe v. Wade battle.

"I am Not a Woman, I am a God" was the explosive show closer.

See the complete setlist + some more fan footage below:

Halsey setlist

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