Paramore Debuted "Brick by Boring Brick" on This Day in 2009

On May 25, 2009, Paramore closed their 6-song setlist with the live debut of "Brick by Boring Brick." Half of this short set was dedicated to brand new eyes, their forthcoming 3rd album at the time, as long as you include bonus track "Decode" - better known for its placement in vamp-drama Twilight and its corresponding soundtrack.

Why such a short setlist, you ask? Well, Paramore had the honor of opening for No Doubt for select dates on their summer tour, and this was one of them. This was No Doubt's first tour in five years, and for Paramore, it was leading up to the release of brand new eyes (September).

"Brick by Boring Brick" was included in many sets going forward, and officially released as a single in November of '09.

To date, BbBB has been performed live 366 times, making it their 8th most-performed song, ranking just below "For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic" (388) but above "The Only Exception" (312). The last time it was performed was June 12, 2018 on the After Laughter Summer Tour. See that setlist here.

A fun little full circle fact? Frontwoman Hayley Williams had told Alternative Press about the song: I fell in love with the music to these verses from the first snare hit. It reminded me of mewithoutYou and had this darkness to it that I was crazy about. I knew that I had to write something that I thought was just as electrifying as the music or I wouldn’t be happy. I didn’t sleep that night. I finished the verses and the bridge and came up with several different choruses, even though I didn’t like any of them. I was writing a story about a girl who escaped reality through pictures and fairy tales and anything that wasn’t the real story.

Hayley joined mewithoutYou on stage at their last Los Angeles show on 5/23. She sang "Fox's Dream of the Log Flume" with them. See that setlist here.

See the setlist ft. "Brick by Boring Brick" from 2009 + the official music video below.

Paramore setlist - 2009

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