Foo Fighters Announce New Drummer Before Tour

On Sunday the Foo Fighters used a livestream to humorously announce its new drummer, Josh Freese.

To tease the audience, the camera turned its attention away from the band chit chatting in a practice room to a knock at the studio door.

First the Red Hot Chili Peppers' drummer Chad Smith came through the door holding a pair of drumsticks. Would he be leaving one of the biggest bands in the world for the Foos? No, someone's white Benz was parked in front of him.

Next, Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee knocked on the door wearing a Vandals -shirt. Would he be trading in his revolving drum kit to join up with the boys? No, he had just picked up some Chinese food for the group that was mourning the death of its lovable drummer.

Then Tool’s drummer Danny Carey arrived with two standard poodles which he claimed to have groomed for Dave.

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Finally Freese, who was already behind the drum set, but off camera, asked if they were ready to rock. Boy were they.

Not only did the band blaze through three of their new tunes ("Nothing at All," "Rescued,"
and "Under You") from their forthcoming studio album But Here We Are due out next month, but they also played a few others from their ever-growing catalogue.

Best of all they workshopped through the '80s Huey Lewis and the News hit "Working For A Living." The banter between tunes was funny, friendly, and a sweet behind the scenes look at how the band is gelling with their new member.

Huey approved!

"Was that on Sports?" Grohl asked of the Huey Lewis cover.

"Before," Pat Smear said quickly. "It was the build-up to Sports," he clarified. Who knew the punk rocker was such a Huey fan?

Grohl then asked Freese about his experience as a 12-year-old playing in the band Polo which was hired by Disneyland to pop up near the food court in Tomorrowland to play covers of Prince, The Ramones, David Bowie and others.

That experience paid dividends for Freese as he went on to play in groups like the aforementioned Vandals, Devo, A Perfect Circle, Nine Inch Nails, The Offspring and a group that was no stranger to impromptu cover songs: The Replacements.

Josh Freese playing drums in the Replacements at Coachella on the night Billie Joe Armstrong joined the band for a while.

Some were rooting for a risky or sentimental replacement for Hawkins, like, perhaps Taylor's teenage son Shane Hawkins,

or even 13 year old phenom Nandi Bushell who had performed with Grohl during the pandemic and later on stage.

But Freese is the consummate professional who would have no problem mimicking whatever Grohl laid down in the past or in the future, and might even push the former Nirvana drummer in the studio (if that's allowed).

While no one could truly replace the wild child skate/surf style and vibe of Hawkins, most found the selection a no-brainer perfect choice. In fact, looking back at the two tribute shows for Hawkins, it almost feels like the band chose Freese months ago based on the difficulty of the tunes they had him sit in with them on.

Freese was on drums when the Foos performed "Hot For Teacher" with Wolfgang Van Halen (of Mammoth) and Justin Hawkins (of The Darkness)

The Foo Fighters go on tour tonight (5/24) in New Hampshire and will play sporadically throughout the year, rocking for a few weeks and then taking a few weeks off. The band will be supporting its 11th studio album and its 28th year as a hugely successful band.

Tickets are available on their website.

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