Five Fun Moments From Hangout Festival 2024

Rain may have delayed the start of the Saturday portion of the three-day music festival at the Gulf Shore in Alabama, but the show went on and on.

There was something for everyone at the festival which started in 2010, Odesa, Nelly, Renee Rapp, Zach Bryan, and The Chainsmokers were just some of the big names that brought young and old down to the waterfront.

Here are a few of the fun moments from the three day weekend.

Subtronics wowed the crowd and even got one fan too riled up

Straight outta Philly, 31-year-old Jesse Kardon, aka Subtronics, delivered a monster set of trippy sounds and wild visuals.

Spinning numbers from his latest LP, TESSERAC, his second full length album, the popular DJ, one fan gave an excellent compliment, "my head feels like it flew off."

Someone on Reddit said "Subtronics changed my life."

Even the Hangout Fest put up a drone shot of the impressive set that had the whole crowd dancing.

One gent got so riled up he broke onto the stage and temporarily stopped the groove.

As security took down the overly excited concertgoer, Subtronics stayed cool and said, "hold on, I want to make sure everyone's ok. It happens. It happens."

Subtronics will be traveling the world this summer, hitting Colorado, the UK, and even Hard in LA. Get tickets on his website.

Lana Del Rey and Megan Moroney sang “Tennessee Orange” together

Is there a sweeter country song that came out last year than "Tennessee Orange," the love song about a young woman calling her momma in Georgia and admitting she is falling for a fella she's so into that she's traded in her University of Georgia Bulldogs red for the colors of their rival college in Knoxville?

In Georgia they call it a sin
I'm wearing Tennessee Orange for him
Mama, forgive me, I like him a lot
Hell, I'm learning the words to "Old Rocky Top"
And he's got a smile that makes me forget
I've always looked better in red

The only way to make it more adorable is to have Miss Lana Del Rey in a white dress and cowboy boots sing the #1 hit with Megan Moroney.

Lana headlined on Friday but stuck around to sing along with Megan (and the entire crowd) during the Sunday set.

Megan hits the road with Kenny Chesney this summer. Get tickets through her website.

Renee Rapp treated the Alabamans to the Rocky Mountains

Was it pandering when Lana sang "Sweet Home Alabama" to the locals on opening night?


Is it punk rock to sing how life would be better in Colorado to kids on the white sands of the Gulf Shores?

A little bit.

Renee Rapp, who made a name for herself by playing Regina George in Mean Girls on Broadway danced and sung with pure joy in long sleeves and even longer pants and the crowd sang right along with her during her 13-song set.

Even though she's only got an EP and one LP in her discography, Rapp could easily headline theaters. Instead she's doing the festival circuit this summer including Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, and Outside Lands. Get tickets through her website.

Cage The Elephant played the oldies

Call me old fashioned but I like it when bands don't flood the setlist with tons of new material that just came out.

Maybe do that in a secret show aimed at fan club members or when you play on a roof of a liquor store, but when you've been invited to perform at a festival when a good chunk of people might not even know your biggest song, don't bore them with your latest hits.

Despite the fact that their new LA Neon Pill was released the day before their spot at Hangout, Cage only played three tracks off of it.

The band has one more gig in the South on its schedule (Bonnaroo) before heading back to the west coast for a number of shows. Get tickets on their site.

Chappell Roan gets new fans on board

There used to be a saying "but does it play in Iowa," meaning sure it's great, but if people in Middle America like it, then it's a hit.

Chappell Roan, the cutting edge creative darling who loves Drag and pushing boundaries, is actually from the Midwest. In fact she's now three stops into her Midwest Princess Tour (the first dates were in Coachella).

But she's not exactly who you'd expect to meet at an Iowa St. football game. Which is why she's so lovable.

So how does she play in the dirty south? Just look at all the arms spelling out YMCA-style to her hit "Hot To Go."

If you can wear a football jersey, eye black, and hang on to your originality while winning over Alabamans, you've made it.

Chappell is on the road right now but many of the gigs are already sold out, so go to her website and grab tickets in your hometown before yours sell out too.

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