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Incubus have been around since 1991, but their mainstream success didn’t happen until 1999. After becoming fixtures on the radio and MTV the band would release Morning View in 2001, their most commercially successful album. Now, 23 years later, the band has released Morning View XXIII, a re-recorded and reimagined version of the songs backed by 23 more years of knowledge and experience. They’ve also announced a late summer arena tour where they’ll be playing Morning View in its entirety every show. In anticipation, we asked Brandon Boyd and Mike Einziger to join us in the studio to talk about the live music moments that shaped them, including surprise David Bowie. Check it out:


Brandon: Let's paint a picture for them, shall we?
Mike: Bob Ross style.
Brandon: First, we have a lovely little Whiskey a Go Go on the Sunset Strip. We have two late teenage boys, fans of the band, Slayer. The band starts playing and what happened, Mike?
Mike: That night, the crowd chose violence.
Brandon: That’s a perfect way of putting it.
Mike: And, I remember being on the floor and just chaos, complete and total chaos, erupted. And everyone sort of got pushed back ‘cause the pit was doing its thing. And mosh pits in the ‘90s were different than mosh pits now.
Brandon: Yes, they were.
Mike: So we kind of snuck up the stairs.
Brandon: We got to our little perch, and I remember feeling, it felt like, it felt like Hell. I think that's kind of what they had in mind. So when you come to our shows, we want you to experience just a little taste of Hell. Like, “Welcome to Hell, you little sons of bitches.”
Mike: So fucking awesome. So awesome.
Brandon: The band sounded amazing, but it was so, I was so scared for my life. And I know you were too, ‘cause we looked at each other and we were like, “Yeah, let's go.”

David Bowie

Brandon: I’m harkening us back to our teenage years, yet again. I was on the beach in Venice, and I was just in the sand with the drum circle and kind of spacing out, and somebody tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I liked David Bowie. To which I responded, “I very much do.” So we got invited to go see David Bowie, and we, they asked us to bring our djembes, which is a West African percussion instrument. You carry it on your shoulder. So I got to go in with no ticket, with my djembe on my shoulder. And then there were key moments throughout the set that they wanted us to be in the audience playing with the band. So I felt fucking cool, man. And I got to see David Bowie, which is pretty awesome. And it was all haunted, and Halloween-y, which makes it even better.

Grateful Dead

Brandon: I went to see the Dead in Vegas at this beautiful stadium that was sort of, had no roof.
Mike: Grateful Dead concerts were a very unique sort of clash of smelly, dirty hippies, and drug dealers, and cholos, and gangsters. It was like everybody was just packed into one place.
Brandon: There was lots of food, like Kind Veggie Goo Balls.
Mike: I just remember lots of belly dancers.
Brandon: Veggie burritos.
Mike: Don’t know why I remember that part, but, I remember that
Brandon: Lot of armpit hair.
Mike: Patchouli.
Brandon: Yeah, a lot of patchouli. Sage.
Mike: Chicken dancing.
Brandon: The smell of seedy marijuana.
Mike: Seeds. Seeds being burned.
Brandon: Stems and seeds. Yeah, it was a thing. I was in the proper nosebleeds, I was at the very top of the stadium. And this beautiful storm blew in and it started to rain really hard for about five minutes. There was like a perfect, very vivid rainbow, went right over the stadium. And people were like, pulling their eyeballs out of their faces. It was, it was insane.
Mike: I was 12 when I went to my first Grateful Dead show. My mom dropped me off in the parking lot.
Brandon: She dropped you off at 12!
Mike: Me and Blake.
Brandon: I love it.
Mike: My mom was just like, “See you at midnight!” That was like, transformational as a 12-year-old. Like, getting exposed to that kind of insanity.

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The 2024 US Morning View arena tour kicks off August 23 and will feature special guests Coheed and Cambria. You can check out dates and grab tickets on Incubus’s official site.
Stream Morning View XXIII here.

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