Marquee Memories: Winona Fighter

Nashville punks Winona Fighter are a hot opening act, and they’re making quick converts of fans who are there for the headliners. The trio just finished a run with Bayside, but they made a fan out of me when I saw them open for Something Corporate on December 30 (see: "HAMMS in a Glass") - their live show, whether or not you've heard of them before, is fierce and captivating. They talk about that SoCo show in our newest episode of Marquee Memories because - lucky us - on an off-day in LA, Coco, Dan and Austin stopped by the studio to share some of their best live music moments. Watch!

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Dan: I saw Chili Peppers a couple years ago in Dublin with my gal and a buddy in a huge field, kind of a very festival atmosphere, it was very fun. I think we were about a third of the way back, in the GA pit. Opened up with “Can't Stop,” which is probably like the best opener for any concert of all time. “By The Way” is my favorite album of theirs, so as soon as they opened up with “Can't Stop”, I was in.
The crowd was singing along and I think any time a crowd is singing along a guitar part... Da na da na da na, especially as a guitar player is pretty impactful.
The chemistry from the four guys was insane. It was Frusciante’s first tour back in the band after a while, so they all were very excited. And you can tell they're just having a blast on stage. Leave the concert. No Ubers, no taxis at all. We're walking around trying to find a way, so we're just walking for miles, end up finding a train, and you have to take an elevator up to the top of the train, get stuck in the elevator because there's too many people. And I'm stuck in this elevator for an hour, which is a really tough time to learn that I was claustrophobic.


Austin: I saw Turnstile in Birmingham, Alabama at Furnace Fest. I felt dangerously close to the stage, because they’re known to be a little bit of a rowdy, you know, band or whatever. And then all of a sudden their intro music starts playing and I get an elbow in the back and like a wave of people, it's like literally being picked up from a wave. And we got like, moved probably like 15 yards to a different side. We just got picked up basically. And then a kid fell right into me and we're like “get up mate, get up!” and then the concert started and it was, you know, they're awesome. Super high energy. There was a kid that, like, climbed a barricade... Or no, was he side stage? and he climbed the scaffolding? That's always a cool move. I appreciate that,
Coco: Don’t do that.
Austin: Because nobody can get you there, you know what I mean? The security guy was just below him, Just like, “get down!” And it's like, you can just be like, “no.” You know?

Knocked Loose

Coco: I saw the band Knocked Loose at a small, I think 100 cap room in Nashville called Cafe Coco. I had just moved to Nashville from the New England area, and I was looking for that kind of Boston punk scene vibe. So I got invited to the Knocked Loose show, and it was the craziest thing I had ever been to. I was like, “Mom, I'm home.” For starters. It was insane. The crowd would not stop moving the whole time. Speakers kept getting knocked over. I got hit in the face. It was awesome. And by the end of the night, I'm pretty sure that they got banned for life. Bryan is insane. He doesn't do much. Something about those eyes, you know? It just gets people going. You know? It gets the crowd just moving. I mean, you are, you are safe. But no one is, like, safe, you know? Their guitar player is just, he’ll be like “All right, everyone side to side! I want to see you fucking hit someone.”
There's never a moment where you're like, “what should I be doing during this song?” It's awesome.

Something Corporate

Dan: We had the opportunity to open up for Something Corporate on the 30th and 31st of December end of 2023, which was massive. Big band for me in high school. And so the fact that they were reuniting to do a couple shows in general was big, but the fact that we got to open was even more amazing.
Coco: When we got the official offer, it was a no-brainer. We were sitting on our agent's roof and he kind of mentioned it a little bit.
Dan: And it's kind of like, “come again?”
Coco: I thought he was saying like “something corporate New Year's Eve gig.” I was like, “oh, like what corporation?”
Austin: Home Depot, maybe?
Coco: I'm like, “we're about to make some money on New Year’s.”
Austin: Finally.
Dan: It was very cool at the end of the show on the 31st, right at midnight, everybody got to go on stage. So we were like on stage with champagne kicking off the new year, which is really fun. And then he launches right into “Konstantine” on the piano, which was just out-of-body experience for me.
Coco: Dan was not crying.
Dan: Not at all. If you saw me crying, no, you didn't.
Coco: We're getting the opportunity to play with more and more kind of legendary acts, but we still got the nod of approval from their fans and from them. It's so nice to get that nod from the people that we look up to.

Winona Fighter have a smattering of dates throughout the summer and appearances at Louder Than Life and Aftershock Festival in the fall. Dates and details here.
In the meantime, check them out on Spotify:

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