Megan Thee Stallion Kicks Off First Tour

If Megan Thee Stallion wants to start her Hot Girl Summer Tour in the spring, who's going to tell her no?


Not me.

And it's exactly those sorts of petty details she doesn't have time for because the Texas rapper does things her way and if she was interested in your way of doing things she would have asked.

Despite being around for years, winning three Grammys in 2021 (including Best New Artist), appearing on 39 singles (including a dozen Features), and releasing two albums and three mixtapes, she's never headlined a proper tour before.

On Tuesday, May 14, to a sold out audience at the Target Center in Minneapolis, she twerked that oddity off her bucket list.

Megan commanded the stage at the 19,000 seat arena while performing 29 tracks spanning her hyperactive career, including a half dozen songs from her unnamed forthcoming album.

Q: If someone has waited their whole life for their first headlining tour, and they have six songs ready to go, shouldn't they either wait for their album to drop first, or just drop the thing ASAP?

A: Mind your business. If Megan wanted to be like everyone else, would the extremely feminine star have named herself after a male horse?

Of the cuts from the new album, she lived debuted three of them in the Twin City arena home of the NBA Timberwolves: "Cobra," "Hiss," and current single "BOA."

She kicked off the show with "Cobra" to the delight of the crowd, which if it can be said, seemed to be filled with an exorbitant amount of bad b-words who knew the words, the moves, and dressed to impress Megan and no one else.

When one sees the audience reaction, every seat filled, and the poise and professionalism of someone like Megan prancing about with utter confidence, it makes you wonder why it took so long for female rappers to be blessed with their own headlining arena tours.

Nicki Minaj has been packing them in on her ongoing Pink Friday 2 World Tour and last year's 24-date Scarlet Tour by Doja Cat proved that yes, audiences will flock to a strong, independent female rapper who does not care about previous social restrictions on women and their sensuality.

There will be skin. There will be squatting. There will be costume changes where one outfit is more revealing than the next.

What's impressive with Megan, among many others, is she was out there dancing right along with a long line of professional dancers in skimpy lingerie and she was not only keeping up with them but she kept your attention. She is the star.

And every time she turned around to shake her moneymaker, the Minnesotans screamed in approval.

Someone call a contractor, because when Megan's DJ spun the record that sounded like some guy complaining "there's some holes in this house," thousands of phones lit up and booties began bouncing all over that stadium.

Sadly there was no special appearance by Cardi, but "WAP" is an interesting choice to begin Act 3 with. It shows confidence that the following four tracks will hold the crowd's attention long enough to get to the encore.

Again: unusual, unpredictable, unconventional, and unorthodox. But do these people really have a better place to be on a Tuesday night in the Land of 10,000 Lakes?

Miss The Stallion's final encore tune was "Savage" which got a huge boost on TikTok years ago and solidified her presence on the world stage.

And after seeing how she owned the Target Center stage, get used to seeing her selling more and more arenas in the future. With or without doing it the conventional way.

Megan and GloRilla have just begun to twerk, but look at all those sold out dates already.

Go to Megan's website for tickets for this world tour and start limbering up those knees because they're going to get a work out mimicking those deep knee bends if you're lucky enough to go to the show.

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