Rammstein Play For Fan Club in Pre-Tour Dress Rehearsal

Rammstein, the German metal giants whose over-the-top stage production has been deemed an important member of the band, enjoy kicking off their tours with a special show for their biggest supporters, the fan club.

Our records show that since 1997 Rammstein have stoked their fan club with a dress rehearsal, although the notes on the debut special gig says instead of pyro, the effects were temporarily replaced with water.

Fortunately that detail has been rectified.

Typically around this time of year, Rammstein performs the set it will go out on the road with -- lights, fire, and mayhem included -- and thank the people who have been with them for over 25 years now.

Coincidentally, those shows are also the ones where the colorful band might be more likely to live debut new tunes or dust off older ones that are being reintroduced into the set.

In Prague last week, where the band were set for a two-night engagement to kick off their tour, Rammstein dug out some old faves seemingly hand picked for their longest fans.

Starting the show was the unreleased "Ramm 4" which was the set opener for their 2016/2017 Festival Tour but hadn't been played live since 2019.

Because footage from the fanclub show is impossible to find this is video from a few days later in the same arena.

You'd think a song so palatable, it can set the tone for the show and get the crowd going for enormous festivals would be something you'd slap onto an album or lend to a Godzilla film.

Nope, the ever-mysterious Rammstein just keeps in in their back pocket the way The Replacements held on to "Can't Hardly Wait" for years before releasing it.

Two songs later was "Keine Lust" which had also been shelved since 2019. But dipping back even further they resurected "Asche Zu Asche" and old fave they used to rock a lot between 1995-2013.

Both "Kein Lust" and "Asche" rank #11 and #12, respectively, on the list of most performed Rammstein tunes. Maybe the band wanted this tour to bring back some blasts from their past.

Which is a bit symbolic since "Asche Zu Asche" translates to "Ashes to Ashes." It's a song about a Christlike figure who is wrongly crucified only to come back a decade later, but not to be a Prince of Peace or some savior, but in a very Rammstein way, to evoke revenge.

Achtung, babies: it's been a decade since they put "Asche Zu Asche" to sleep. It has returned.

But unfortunately they left behind one of their best stage props. During the second half of the song ,when the protagonist returns the microphone, the stand used to catch fire.

For whatever reason that has been extinguished.

But fear not, there's plenty of fire and pyro and incredible lights.

And yeah, deep grooving riffs and songs growled in ominous German.

One of the best stadium tours in hard rock / heavy metal is back. Tickets available through Rammstein's website. But andele, tickets are going fast.

Rammstein Europe Stadium Tour 2024

11.05.2024 Czechia, Prague, Airport Letňany
15.05.2024 Germany, Dresden, Rinne
16.05.2024 Germany, Dresden, Rinne
18.05.2024 Germany, Dresden, Rinne
19.05.2024 Germany, Dresden, Rinne
24.05.2024 Serbia, Belgrade, Ušće Park
30.05.2024 Greece, Athens, Olympic Stadium
05.06.2024 Spain, San Sebastián, Estadio Anoeta
08.06.2024 France, Marseille, Orange Vélodrome
11.06.2024 Spain, Barcelona, Estadi Olímpic
15.06.2024 France, Lyon, Groupama Stadium
18.06.2024 Netherlands, Nijmegen, Goffertpark
23.06.2024 Ireland, Dublin, RDS Arena
27.06.2024 Belgium, Ostend, Park Nieuwe Koers
05.07.2024 Denmark, Copenhagen, Valbyparken
11.07.2024 Germany, Frankfurt, Deutsche Bank Park
12.07.2024 Germany, Frankfurt, Deutsche Bank Park
17.07.2024 Austria, Klagenfurt, Wörthersee Stadion
18.07.2024 Austria, Klagenfurt, Wörthersee Stadion
21.07.2024 Italy, Reggio Emilia, RCF Arena (Campovolo)
26.07.2024 Germany, Gelsenkirchen, Veltins-Arena
27.07.2024 Germany, Gelsenkirchen, Veltins-Arena
29.07.2024 Germany, Gelsenkirchen, Veltins-Arena
30.07.2024 Germany, Gelsenkirchen, Veltins-Arena

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