Taylor Swift Adds The Tortured Poets Department To Eras Tour

Since closing out the Asian leg of her tour at the Singapore National Stadium in March, Taylor Swift released her eleventh studio album, The Tortured Poets Department. Swifties have anxiously awaited the return of the Eras Tour to see if the international icon would add a new era to the setlist. Of course, she did not disappoint.

Taylor Swift setlist

During the four-night opener in Paris, Swift debuted seven songs from TTPD, complete with full looks, feather-filled choreography and a colossal spaceship (no, seriously). She opened the act with a taped intro called "Female Rage: The Musical," which had elements of several songs from the album. Taylor took to social media after the show to announce TTPD as an official tour era.

The 152-show tour is not only a massive undertaking–coming in at a whopping 3.5 hour set–but truly a love letter to her fans. Eras pays homage to every stage of the singer-songwriter's nearly 20-year career, and in many ways, every version of Taylor we've grown up alongside.

Before the TTPD release, we gave you the setlist stats. The American and European legs of the tour saw sets leaning heavily toward folklore, Midnights and Lover, with a total of twelve live debuts.

Eras Tour Album Breakdown

The whisper heard round the world (read: Internet) leading up to Friday’s Paris show was not just “will she add TTPD as an era,” but if she does, “will she make cuts to other eras?”

If you’re not quite Swiftie Sleuth status but still want the details, here’s a breakdown of the changes:

TTPD Debuts:

  • Female Rage The Musical (with elements of “My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys,” “Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me?,” “loml,” “So Long, London,” and “But Daddy I Love Him”)
  • “But Daddy I Love Him”
  • “So High School”
  • “Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me?”
  • “Down Bad”
  • “Fortnight”
  • “The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived”
  • “I Can Do It with a Broken Heart”


  • From Lover: “The Archer”
  • From evermore: “‘tis the damn season,” “tolerate it”
  • From folklore: “seven,” “the 1,” “the last great american dynasty”
  • From Speak Now: “Long Live” (switched to “Speak Now” intro with elements of “Castles Crumbling”)

A moment of silence for these losses.

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Taylor’s next stop is three nights in Stockholm. From there she’ll continue on throughout Europe before returning to the U.S. and Canada to wrap up a second North American stint in December.

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