Will Scorpions Play Last Unheard Song in Vegas Residency?

The Scorpions have done so much in their long, groundbreaking, career.

Going on their 59th year as a band, they've zig-zagged around the world countless times while selling over 100 million records in their second language.

Their lead guitarist, Rudolf Schenker started the group when he was 16 alongside his 11 year-old brother, Michael, who also became a guitar legend.

40 years ago, in 1984, after two hot LPs in a row, the German rockers struck it big with Love At First Sting that gave the world hits like "Rock You Like A Hurricane," "Bad Boys Running Wild," and the shockingly tender "Still Loving You."

The band has completed 8 of their 9 scheduled performances at the Bakkt Theater at Planet Hollywood, the second Vegas residency they've done there.

And they have one more show left on Friday, May 3.

During this joyful run with the fun-loving Ugly Kid Joe opening for them, the Scorpions have played all of the beloved tracks from Love At First Sting, even live debuting one they'd never played before, ever, "Crossfire."

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Live debut of the 40 year-old song "Crossfire." The Scorpions have played it now on every show during their Vegas residency.

75-year-old singer, Klaus Meine, who joined the band in 1970, told the Vegas crowd opening night of the residency that the song was about living in Berlin, Germany before the Wall had fallen and residents felt that they were in the middle of the struggle between the communist authoritarianism of East Berlin and the cosmopolitan opposite of West Berlin.

Well, he didn't use so many words, but that was the gist. And then they played the 40 year-old song for the first time and it probably felt incredibly special for those in attendance.

The Scorps are also playing some of their hits from other albums like "Blackout"

Klaus, Rudolf, second guitarist Matthias Jabs, bassist Paweł Mąciwoda, and longtime Motörhead drummer have a chance to bring that specialness back into the hearts of their fans again.

Something's missing in this picture.

That's because there's another song on their most popular album they've never played before they really should debut on Friday, "As Soon as the Good Times Roll."

Is it an amazing song? Nein.

But it's not terrible and the guitar parts are vintage '80s hard rock.

Anyone who had long hair and a concert t-shirt with baseball sleeves had Love At First Sting on vinyl and played it all the way through and remember this song as the one that came after "Big City Nights."

Those are the people in the seats every night in Vegas.

Stoke them.

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"Still Loving You" and "Rock You Like A Hurricane" opening night of the Vegas residency.

The Scorps have many more beloved songs than just the ones off Love At First Sting, quite a few of them have been represented in the set.

Jams like "The Zoo," "Coming Home," "Blackout," and the theme song of the fall of the Berlin Wall - "Wind of Change" are all presented with a well-designed graphic display flashing in the background.

Toss that one in the last set and thrill the crowd.

Speaking of... kudos to whoever booked the Isla Vista phenoms Ugly Kid Joe to open the show.

UKJ were the snotty jokesters who may have been the last new metal band to have a few huge hits before Grunge did its damage.

For a while either "(I Hate) Everything About You" or their improbable cover of Harry Chapin's "Cats in the Cradle" was on MTV's heavy rotation. And then Nevermind was released and that was the last many heard from the band on the radio despite continually making solid records.

So if you are near Vegas, have access to a plane, or happen to live in Sin City and live for the squeal of a pointy guitar, get thee to Planet Hollywood and get stung.

After Friday's Vegas finale, the Scorpions take a tiny breather and head to the Middle East and Europe. Tickets to all of their shows can be purchased through the Scorpions website.

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