Bring It Back: Ween 2018 Tour

The greatest band in the world, Ween, kicked off their first dates of 2018 on June 2nd in St. Louis, Missouri at The Pageant. The genre-hopping band just completed the first-half of their short 11-date summer tour, a follow up to their fall 2017 month-long tour. It picks back up July 24th in Cleveland, Ohio. After completing four shows, we can attest that the New Hope, Pennslyvania rockers, in true classy fashion, changed up the setlist each night. Only the best bands ever do that, according to our setlist data.
Their setlists have averaged 25-songs long, a typical lengthy set for the 28-year-old band. Their cult-following truly covets these shows because they only reunited in 2015. The band went on a break in 2011 so that co-founder Aaron Freeman, better known as his stage name Gene Ween, could get sober. The band have yet to release a new studio album, the last being La Cucaracha in 2007.
The five-piece band opened the tour up with a mix of fan-favorites, several deeper cuts, and two encores. They played “The Goin’ Gets Tough From the Getgo,” which has only been performed six times in the past six years. At their last show in Red Rocks on the 6th, they dusted off “Fat Lenny,” “Papa Zit,” and “Ooh Va La” in consecutive order, all tracks that only the most die-hard Ween fans would know. They also leaned on staples like “Buckingham Green,” “Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down),” and “Roses Are Free” “Ocean Man,” and “The Mollusk.”
We realize that Ween will cleverly keep pulling out deep cuts from their vault once they head out again in July, so we’re going to be those obnoxious, meticulous fans who put in some far-fetched requests, just to put it out there in the universe. Ween, please bring back these hilarious and genius licks from your treasure chest of tunes!
Song: “Push th’ Little Daisies”
Last played: Halloween 2017. Ok so that wasn’t that long ago but it only appeared a handful of times on last fall’s tour and has yet to pop up on this year’s setlists. It’s a Ween CLASSIC
"Push th' Little Daises" - Ween
Song: “Ender Sandman” (Metallica Cover)
Last Played: 11 times in 2001, and what a cover it was! Please start covering this again!
"Enter Sandman" Metallica Cover - Ween
Song: “Springtheme”
Last Played: Only three times in 2017
"Springtime" Live - Ween
Song: The entire “Stallion” suite (Parts 1-5) in order
Last Played: Only once in November 2017
"The Stallion Suite" - Ween
Song: “The Fruit Man”
Last Played: April 26, 2007
"Fruit Man" - Ween
Head to the Ween website to keep up-to-date with their tour schedule.
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