Time to Join Kesha's Wild & Wonderful Rainbow Ride

Have you ever really wished, deeply, that you could spend a little time in a world that Kesha built? Her wild, crazy and free aesthetic of love and respect and spacemen? Well, your wish was granted, just add water.
The pop singer has announced Kesha’s Weird & Wonderful Rainbow Ride, an expedition next February that is part cruise, part music festival, part cosmic escape. The website itself even states “There are only two rules: bring some glitter and be yourself unapologetically.” Finally, a cruise where you're encouraged to mix your body glitter and suntan lotion together!
It’s hard not to quote the cruise’s website verbatim because all of it is so perfectly Kesha, but I’ll try. For four nights, Animals will be able to leave real life behind and flee to a floating world of rainbows and sparkles and a dance party that never stops. That last part is literal, the website advertises non-stop dance parties as one of the floating festival’s highlights.
Of course, there’s also going to be music. Kesha herself will be putting on two unique shows, plus there will be plenty of other performances by musicians, DJs and drag queens. The currently announced line-up includes Kesha, naturally, but also Betty Who, Jonathan Van Ness, Superfruit, Big Freedia, Wrable and a trio of names familiar to fans of Ru Paul’s Drag Race: Thorgy Thor, Detox and Bob the Drag Queen. And speaking of RPDR, it sounds like the cruise will have their own take on the show’s infamous elimination showdown, in this case called “Lip Sync for Your Lifeboat.”
From the sounds of it, there’s still plenty more to be announced, including theme nights. Ticket prices vary depending on what type of room you want and how many people are traveling in your group. But the best part is that your ticket cost covers a lot, including all of the musical performances that’ll take place across the ship’s two major stages. Right now you can get in on the pre-sale for the Rainbow Ride. The official website has all the info you need on rooms, travel and even payment plans. Plus, there's an official Twitter you an keep an eye on for more announcements.
As for Kesha's pre-sail plans, she's currently on tour with Mackelmore with dates running until early August. Check out Setlist.fm's coverage of their epic tour kickoff!
Come on, Animals. Let’s get so weird that the Bermuda Triangle ends up jealous.

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