Tour Highlights: King Crimson "Uncertain Times Tour 2018"

The creators of prog-rock, King Crimson, are currently touring Europe, and possibly for the last time in a while. The influential veteran Brit rockers are a show to behold, renowned for their mind-blowing improvisational skills. In fact, many of their studio albums from their vast catalog are improvised, so no performance can ever really be the same.
King Crimson hasn't put out a full studio album since 2003, but that hasn't stopped them from touring, and each set showcases a new improvised take on certain tracks. They just kicked off their "Uncertain Times Part I Tour" on June 12th in Poland and will last until July 28th, ending in Italy. They will pick back up in the UK in November.
Now that we're a week in, we thought we'd bring you the highlights to get all you Europeans hyped for the remainder of their tour. In recent news, King Crimson announced that because of Brexit, their 2019 tour plans in Europe have been blurred, meaning a possible North America tour in lieu. See what main man Robert Fripp had to say below:
“Brexit has impacted King Crimson’s 50th anniversary touring plans. Currently there is no forseeable exit arrangement for the UK, no clear plans for migrant workers, eg the Brothers Crim and their pals, whether work visas will be necessary for anyone other than our American members."
Well there you have it, confirmation that you should soak up this current tour and keep an eye for a 2019 North America announce! Below are reasons WHY.
Crazy long setlists - the Crim boys know how to curate a setlist, which includes dividing them between two different sets. Euro fans have had the pleasure of enjoying a traditional KC two-set performance, with an average of 12 songs in the first set, and 10 songs in the second. Beyond that, they offer a one song encore, making each night about 23-tracks long. When you think about that, and all the insane improvisational jams, that's one helluva set.
"21st Century Schizoid Man" - King Crimson
A different set every night - You can use our database to try and predict KC's sets all you want, but they are changing their pattern up each dang night! So good luck with that!
Rare cuts - KC only started performing 1970's "Lizard" in 2016, and they've jammed it out each night on this tour. They also recently resurrected "Islands." Last night (June 20) they live premiered 1973's "Larks' Tongues in Aspic (Part I)."
Other rarities have included: "Fallen Angel," "Peace: An End," and "Fracture."
New tracks - Like we said before, no new studio album has been released in years. But that certainly doesn't stop the jazz fusion legends from bestowing their fans with new licks. On this tour, "Drumsons of Awefulness & Wonder," "Radical Action III," "Drumsons of Terror," and "Drumsons of Wonderment & Intrigue" are all unreleased tracks that were live premiered in the past week.
Catch the rest of their 33-date tour while you can! Head to their website for more info.
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