Jonas Brothers Deliver Top Pop With New Album "Happiness Begins"

In early of 2019 it was revealed that the Jonas Brothers were reuniting after several years exploring various solo projects, from television roles to chart-topping solo projects and even... fatherhood! The Disney-bred trio kept busy during their hiatus as a group but the announcement of their reunion sent fans into complete hysteria, their lead comeback single "Sucker" has proven to be a certified smash since its release on March 1, debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and holding strong in the Top 5 over three months later!

With so much success behind "Sucker," the hype and build for their full length studio album has been hotly anticipated! Happiness Begins was released on June 7, 2019 and to no ones surprise, it's a banger of a record packed with a ton of massive sounding records that will likely help keep JoBro fever at a high through 2020. Let's take a dive into Happiness Begins, shall we?
The obvious album opener is lead single "Sucker," it's still all the rage and you know all about it so not much to say here. Following up "Sucker" is the second single "Cool" which is cool and all but upon its release on April 5, it was completely overshadowed by the lead single and pretty much DOA. "Only Human" gets the pulse kicking again, island vibes aplenty on this single that could easily have been a Maroon 5 single. We may even see "Only Human" get the single treatment as there's a nod to the album title in the lyrics here.
"I Believe" is where the album truly starts to take shape for myself, this is a must for single release in my opinion, it's like The Weeknd gets the Jonas Brothers treatment and the bros pull it off so damn well. From verse to hook to production, every aspect of "I Believe" is BIG!

Following the perfection of "I Believe" comes another solid bop in the form of "Used To Be." This is where one starts to notice the trend of incredibly pop-leaning songs with an edge mature enough to appeal to the masses – it's truly like a Maroon 5 formula was hijacked in all the right ways. This album being scheduled for summer release comes with its perks and here's where you continue to cash in, "Every Single Time" is another rhythmic island jam that is certain to get your summer mood right.
With "Don't Throw It Away" the shimmery pop waves of yesteryear come to life, this is another highlight of mine, it's an absolute earworm that truly showcases the guys' commitment to evolving their sound without abandoning all hope, the melodies are insane!
"Love Her" takes a moment to slow things down, this is what a Jonas Brothers ballad sounds like in 2019 and I'm not mad at it and I don't think fans will be either. "Happy When I'm Sad" kicks the rock-pop energy back up and continues through the beat-heavy stylings of "Trust" which proves that the production here is some of the best in modern pop music as they pull elements from a forward-thinking soundscape, perhaps pushing the pop boundaries harder yet safer than any other major mainstream pop music act, and I say that as a good thing.
Enter "Strangers" and we've got another absolute favorite of mine, it's oozing with glorious pop melodies and hooks with the sweet sweet sounds of the JoBros serenading us upon repeated listening.

"Hesitate" slows things down again for another moment to cry your eyes out to, it's their version of a ballad and it hits all the right notes. "Rollercoaster" features another nod to the album title with "happiness begins" in the opening lyrics, like the song title, "Rollercoaster" picks up momentum as the song treks along before reaching the top for a hands in the air post-chorus.
Capping things off, the final album track "Comeback" is the perfect ending to this journey of perfected pop, a sign off that hits all the heartstrings in search of Happiness Begins.

I have to say, a round of applause to the Jonas Brothers and team as this album is a more than solid effort into the pop arena of 2019. This album has legs to keep them churning out the hits for months to come. This far along into 2019, I have to say this is one of the better pop albums of the year and will likely find its way onto many end of year lists.
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