Q&A: Corey Harper Talks Black Lives Matter, New Music + More

We've taken time to think about how to best approach engaging with artists here at setlist.fm. Given the state of the world, we felt a thoughtful, impactful approach will be the right direction for all involved. We want to be a part of the solution and we hope you'll join us, too.
Singer/songwriter Corey Harper is gearing up to drop his Overcast EP on June 26, featuring the songs "fade to black" and the incredibly infectious "entertainment" which Justin Bieber shared on his socials a couple of weeks ago. Pre-save the Overcast EP HERE.
We were fortunate enough to talk with Harper about the state of the world, from Black Lives Matter to life in quarantine, find out how Harper is handling life.
[Editor's note: We interviewed Corey Harper about life in quarantine well before the BLM movement, so we followed up with some questions about the political/social climate of the country, and that's what we are leading with.]

How are you/your band participating in the Black Lives Matter movement?
I think that to explain how one participates in something, they must first understand where they have a place in the movement... a lot of my involvement and my voice in the BLM movement has been a combination of finding where my voice can make the most impact, and gaining a deeper understanding of it, without halting my consciousness of how I can better myself as an activist and as an active anti-racist.
I have been to numerous protests organized by BLM and have had conversations on how I can better understand why these protests are happening and how I can even further contribute and highlight black voices in my own community. I believe that participating in something as crucial and important as human lives, we have to first educate ourselves on what it means to be human. My participation is a life-long commitment to fight for equality at all costs, and for every corner of my life to resemble that.
What have you learned since this movement started?
To listen, and to not be afraid to say the wrong thing when having a conversation, so that I have the opportunity to Unlearn, and become equipped to be a soldier alongside others who have been fighting long before I have even had the understanding of what the fight is.
What Black voices would you like to elevate?
Musicians - @cjhammondmusic and his sister @brittmhammond, @dustinthomasxo Activist/Writer/Film Maker - @ava Musician/Writer - @harleysule Organization - @engagethevision Photographer - @jessemrichmond

How have you been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic?
I’ll start off by saying that I feel very fortunate to have remained healthy during the pandemic so far. I know a lot of people are in situations that make it more difficult to isolate themselves or need to be in a more risky environment in order to provide for their families; not to mention the nurses and first responders who have been serving others around the clock. I’m thinking about those people constantly and hope we turn a corner soon so they can catch a break. The effect it’s had on music has been pretty devastating as you probably know. Everyone who makes a living off of live entertainment - including tour managers, touring musicians, promoters, agents, ticketers, venue owners and of course people like myself are ready to get back to work. One of my favorite parts of my job is performing and meeting fans so I’m eager to get back on the road and spread some joy to say the least.
What activities have you been doing to keep yourself busy?
I’ve been taking this time to connect with fans online more frequently. It’s been really fun to meet people from all over who know my music or are discovering me for the first time. I’ve been hosting and joining a lot of digital performances with friends. It's also been great to spend more time painting and drawing. It’s something I love to do.
What music or podcasts have you been listening to?
GO album by Jonsi. It’s incredible. Go listen to it.

Are you planning on tuning into or producing any livestream performances?
Yes! I’ve been doing a lot of these with Noah Kahan who’s a good buddy and a songwriter I really admire. We actually wrote the song “Blind” together which has become a fan favorite. It’s always a good time with that guy.
What’s your best song for getting through a scary/confusing time?
My new song “Entertainment” was made for this purpose exactly. It came out May 1 and it’s been amazing to see such a positive response to it. I really hope everyone gets a chance to hear the new EP, it's full of songs about dealing with uncertainty. It’s ok to feel uncertain and I hope this EP helps people work through those feelings.

Where can fans get the latest info and updates from you?
Sign up for my newsletter at CoreyHarperMusic.com. I’ve got a lot of surprises coming and I’m going to use my newsletter for them.

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