Tracy Chapman Live Debuts "Talkin' Bout A Revolution" in 1987

When it comes to protest songs, one song in particular is perfectly fit for the times. So much so, this song was played during Bernie Sanders' 2016 rallies before he hit the stage to deliver his speeches. That song is Tracy Chapman's "Talkin' Bout A Revolution."

"Don't you know
They're talkin' 'bout a revolution
It sounds like a whisper
And finally the tables are starting to turn" - Tracy Chapman

The classic hit from Tracy Chapman has become a staple over the years in support of the racial equality across the globe, even receiving heavy radio play in Tunisia in 2011 during the Tunisian Revolution. Not only is it politically aware, but it's incredibly catchy, too, having been covered by a number of artists including Ben Jelen and Reel Big Fish.

According to our data, the first time Chapman performed "Talkin' Bout A Revolution" took place on November 20, 1987 at Nightstage in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The song was featured as the show closer on the 11-track setlist from the show.

Other songs performed at the show included show opener "Baby Can I Hold You," "Material Fight," "Born to Fight" and of course, the iconic megahit, "Fast Car." Check out the full setlist from the show below.

Tracy Chapman - Cambridge, Massachusetts - November 20, 1987 - setlist


With the current state of the world, it's important to raise awareness and encourage our readers to take action in support of the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement. We compiled a list or resources to help guide you in the right direction to begin helping today - check it out HERE.

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