Hella Mega Tour Resumes in Vienna - See Setlists

Is it just is, or does it seem like the Hella Mega Tour has had a really long run so far? In reality, it only kicked off the North American leg a year ago after multiple postponements - so I guess the pandemic is warping our sense of time. The rock trifecta of Weezer, Fall Out Boy and Green Day wrapped last year's Hella Mega run on September 6 in Seattle, Washington. Then they dispersed to play festivals all over the world - Life is Beautiful, Shaky Knees, Hangout, Beale Street - to name a few. Last weekend (June 19) the bands got back together to embark on the Euro leg of Hella Mega, kicking off in Vienna.

Weezer took the stage first at 6:05PM, and worked the live debut of "Records" into their 16-song setlist. See some footage:

Weezer setlist

Fall Out Boy went on at 7:40PM and unleashed a 15-song setlist. They've been pretty consistent as far as songs and order, but a fan did catch an incredible mosh pit moment during "This Ain't a Scene."

Fall Out Boy setlist

Green Day hit the stage last, at 9:20PM, and according to show notes they do the most improvising when it comes to written setlist vs what they actually perform. Their 21-song setlist brought a fan onstage twice - first during "Know Your Enemy" and then during their cover of Operation Ivy's "Knowledge."

Green Day setlist

The Hella Mega tour resumes tomorrow night in London and runs through July 2. Check out remaining dates + info here.

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