Setlist History: Smashing Pumpkins Live Debut a One-Day-Old Song

In 2006, the Smashing Pumpkins reformed after disbanding at the turn of the century and worked on the new album Zeitgeist, which they toured with the following year. But it wasn't a typical tour

Singer/guitarist/songwriter Billy Corgan and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin recorded the music for the album but for the tour Jeff Schroeder (guitar), Ginger Reyes (bass) and Lisa Harriton (keyboards) were hired to rock on the road. Schroeder ended up staying with the band even after original guitarist Jame Iha rejoined in 2018.

The Pumpkins played 29 songs on 6/26 at that thousand seat venue in North Carolina in 2007.

Once Zeitgeist was completed, the new lineup entertained crowds in Europe in May and early June; first in clubs and then at giant summer festivals throughout the EU.

But when they jetted back across the pond their first stop was a few weeks in Asheville, North Carolina where they played a 9-date residency at the relatively tiny Orange Peel club.

From June 23-July 5, 2007 the Smashing Pumpkins played to a little over 1,000 people each night, and wrote new songs including "?" It was a working vacation of sorts. A productive respite.

Corgan was so thankful for the reception, he took out a full-page ad in Asheville's newspaper, The Mountain Xpress to acknowledge the community for its graciousness and inspiration.

"It’s our sincere wish to take this moment to thank the community of Asheville for such a warm and heartfelt reception to the Smashing Pumpkins, and by extension, our 9 shows here at the Orange Peel," he wrote.

Sadly there isn't a lot of videos from the 6/26 show, but here's the 6/24 gig which gives you a taste of the residency in NC.

"What we could not have anticipated however was the incredible outpouring of support and love we would receive from the city of Asheville itself. Everywhere we go, we have been greeted with encouragement, signs, gratitude, and some good old fashioned Southern hospitality that has made this stay truly happy. We came here with the hope that we could take some chances musically, write some new songs, and play our hearts out, and so far that has worked out pretty good," the occasionally ornery singer continued.

One clip from the 6/26 gig is this one, "Today."

"Just in the first week alone we are already playing 12 different songs, new and old, that we weren’t playing just a few weeks ago. So we cannot thank you all enough. From the bottom of our black hearts, thank you, thank you, thank you!"

UA little ad for the documentary of the two residencies the band enjoyed in 2007.

As the head Pumpkin said, each night of the NC residency was a little different, as was the SF residency at the end of the month on the other coast.

The night of June 26, SP opened with "?" - just the third time they'd play the beautiful tune - and then never again after their Fillmore residency in August 2007.

Is it "?," "Question Mark," or "The Question Mark"? No one will truly know until the tune is released.

And then immediately afterwards they live-debuted the still-unreleased "Mama" (which he had just written the day before),

and "In My Body," from Machina II.

Only audiences at those residences have heard those tunes live. The band has apparently buried them forever.

The cover of the DVD which is now out of print, so snatch it if you ever see it.

However there was a double DVD documentary made about the residences called If All Goes Wrong where "Mama" can be found and the vibe of those intimate nights can be discovered.

The Smashing Pumpkins continue their World is a Vampire Tour next month and it's kicked off with two relatively intimate shows at The Chelsea at the Cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas. Stone Temple Pilots and Interpol will open. Tickets are available at the band's website.

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