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Rising pop artist JORDY came out with his sophomore album, BOY on April 21st, after early release of the lead single "Story of a Boy" a month prior. The song interpolates Nine Days' "Absolutely (Story of a Girl)", resulting in a more modern and queer version of the 2000s classic with the hope to inspire the next generation of LGBTQ+ youth. Each song on his album is extremely personal, featuring candid lyrics that discuss topics such as mental health, being a third wheel, and the inevitability of getting older.

Recently, we had the opportunity to chat with JORDY right here at the Setlist.fm studio. While he may be no stranger to vulnerability when it comes to his lyrics, JORDY revealed a part of himself most people don't usually get to see - his phone! We hope you enjoy the latest episode of Unlocked.

"I am very attached to my cellular device. I like sleep with it next to me, it's always in my hand."


"I am an avid TikTok-er. Just saw like someone's Chipotle order, new Trader Joe's products. It's a lot of food, dogs, men, and music."
"I will go to the sound for my song "Story of a Boy." I basically uploaded a sound that was comparing the original song "Story of a Girl" by the band Nine Days from the year 2000. And then, directly comparing it with my version, which is "Story of a Boy." And after I uploaded that sound, I started waking up to all of these videos of trans creators using the sound to showcase their transition from this is the story of a girl to this is the story of a boy. And it's been so incredible to see all of these people coming forward with their stories and their journeys as a trans individual, and it's so inspiring to me."


"This is my Hinge profile. We have a little cute pick showing arm, showing smolder. My most irrational fear: being swallowed whole by a whale. Here's a picture of me performing at Lollapalooza. I geek out on "Chef's Table," so putting it out there that I'm a foodie. The key to my heart is dumplings and holding hands. So if that doesn't scream water sign, I don't know what does."


"I'm a serial Facetimer. I'm definitely not gonna FaceTime my therapist 'cause I'm seeing her in there as well. And I think that she should have an off day.

"Sexy" Selfies

"Let's go through photos, I mean, it's a lot of selfie videos. A picture of Spencer kissing me, thank God. Oh, I was doing some radio stuff yesterday with John Hampson, the original singer of "Absolutely (Story of a Girl)." Oh, we have, oh. We have sexy selfies that are appropriate, but they're shirtless selfies, so I don't know, I was just feeling myself."
JORDY's next live performance will be at Chicago Pride Fest on June 18th. Check out his upcoming tour dates here.
If you're interested in listening to JORDY's new album BOY, you can also find the songs right here.

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