Alanis Morisette Live Debuts "Missing The Miracle" After 4 Years

Alanis Morissette finally live debuted a beautiful song Thursday night she recorded four years ago about overlooking things.

Ironic, don't you think?

Morrisette, who recently turned 50, is in the early portion of her Triple Moon Tour that also features the legendary Joan Jett.

She kicked off her set on June 20 in West Palm Beach with the hit "Hand in My Pocket," from Jagged Little Pill, a record you or someone you love bought.

The Grammy-winning 1995 album sold 33 million records which is more than Born In the USA, Appetite for Destruction, and Sgt. Peppers.

Not only did it move a bunch of units, but it also won Album of the Year, making the then-21-year-old Canadian the youngest person to ever win the top Grammy prize.

That record was broken in 2010 by 20-year-old Taylor Swift whose second album, Fearless, had "You Belong To me" and other love stories.

Four years ago Morissette released her first record in eight years, the beautiful Such Pretty Forks in the Road.

Rolling Stone was less than generous in their review in 2020, when it came out, saying: So while she has caustic observations (“You see the figure skater, I fear the ice is thin,” she sings on “Missing the Miracle”), they’re often buried in plinky, rhythm-less, new agey soundscapes that have more in common with that other Nineties music juggernaut, Windham Hill, than the sounds people summon when they think of her.

"Missing The Miracle" was the long-awaited live debut. It's a deep, serious song about perception and communication and staying present and if RS thinks becoming mature isn't cool, then that's ok.

But they're wrong.

Alanis writes how she usually does her makeup herself, but sometimes a master shows up to show her how it's done. – By Alanis' IG

It's an insightful song that fits perfectly in a set where the vast majority of songs are written from the perspective of a woman in her early 20s.

It's nice to see how she's grown up and what she's learned along the way.

Speaking of youngsters, Alanis brought up this little one for "Ironic" and she was fantastic.

Of the 26 tunes in the set, 10 are from Jagged and six come from Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie (which celebrated its 25th anniversary last year), only three are off So Many Pretty Forks.

This is great news for people who might not have heard the newest record that was released during the coronavirus panic.

One of the nice things about the Triple Moon Tour is Joan Jett is given enough time to deliver 15 songs she's best known for.

From her early days in the Runaways to her trailblazing solo career, Joan still has the chops and the style few have any more.

This is a real summer tour that includes stops all over North America including a couple of festivals including Pitchfork in Chicago.

Get your tickets on Alanis's website.

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