Bruce Springsteen Plays "Radio Nowhere" with Max Weinberg's Son

This is something you don't see every day.

Usually when performers jam with guests or kids of their longtime bandmates, it's with a stringed instrument of some sort, or even a piano.

There have been some great exceptions, but rarely do we get to see the guest sit down behind the drums.

This is the 50th year that "Mighty" Max Weinberg has been playing drums for Bruce Springsteen in the E Street Band.

He and keyboardist Roy Bittan were the second-to-last to become members of the main core of the band. In '75 Little Steven joined and they were locked in for a good decade.

E. Street Band circa 1975 looking like Bohemians, pimps, and hustlers

During those 50 years, sometimes something can keep you from work. In Max's case, it was his role as band leader for Conan O'Brien's late night talk show.

In 2009, Max started bringing his 18 year-old son, Jay, to some of the gigs and he'd sit in with the band on a song or two. Sometimes it would be for half the show.

Is that Dave Grohl? No it's Jay Weinberg

Unlike his clean cut dad, Jay has long hair and brought a little more hyper and harder sound to the mix. People loved it.

So when Max had to do some shoots for Conan that conflicted in the Magic Tour, Jay filled in.

Jay playing "Radio Nowhere" with Bruce and the E Street Band in 2009

The lead single for the Magic album was "Radio Nowhere," which was a rocker that Jay could really drive.

On June 20, 2024 in Barcelona, Bruce and the band dusted off "Radio Nowhere," performing it for the first time since 2017.

Perhaps it was a live run-through with the band because two days later they played it again, early in the set again, but this time with Jay instead of Max.

If it looks like he knows what he's doing it's because he does. Now at 33 years-old he's played with a bunch of bands including a long nine-year stint with Slipknot.

Before that, Jay was in Against Me! for a couple of years and now he's the drummer of Suicidal Tendencies. So yes, he can rock.

Speaking of Little Steven. Last week the documentary, Stevie Van Zandt: Disciple, dropped about Bruce's best friend, occasional producer, and consigliere.

Streaming on Max, it shows how he got into the band, his unique role, how he helped shape some of Bruce's classics; and most importantly, how he was a major force in taking down the South African government's racist ways so they were forced to release Nelson Mandela and end apartheid.

It makes you realize Tony Soprano's right hand man was a little more than what he appeared to be.

Max, Little Steven, Bruce, and the rest of the E. Street Band are continuing their tour through Europe, even adding dates due to popular demand. Bruce's health seems as strong as ever.

The steady beat of Max Weinberg on the Nebraska hit "Atlantic City."

That last gig in Spain spanned 30 songs.

Next month the European leg ends with a pair of gigs at Wembley. Then in August the band comes back to North America for shows in baseball stadiums and several provinces of Canada.

Grab your tickets on the Springsteen website.

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