Soccer Mommy Debuts Eight New Songs At The Lost Shows

Characterized by pressed flowers, handwritten notes, fairy lights and fantasy woodland scenes, Soccer Mommy took her next project on tour with The Lost Shows. In four stripped back solo performances in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and her hometown of Nashville, Sophie Allison immersed audiences in a new sonic and visual landscape with the ten live debuts, each more ethereal than the next.

Allison is known for her dreamy, wide-reaching soundscapes, combining '90s grunge and 2000s pop inspirations with her own indie rock sensibilities. A striking contrast from the visuals from her past releases—ranging from '80s cyber-punk on “color theory” to middle-school microscope slides for “Sometimes, Forever”—this new endeavor seems to adopt more of a cottagecore twinge.

Catching fireflies, collecting wildflowers, sharing songs by a crackling campfire. These are the kinds of things The Lost Shows brought to mind. In each city, Allison welcomed fans into a whimsical forest of her own creation. Flickering candles and light wrapped pines covered the stage. She approached each performance accompanied only by her guitar, performing 16 song sets from the comfort of a tree stump.

The first of The Lost Shows occurred at the Stone Circle Theatre in New York City, backed by the dim light of the venue’s stained-glass triptych. Allison debuted five new tracks with “Driver,” “M,” “Evergreen,” “Lost” and “Salt in the Wound,” dishing out a shadowy cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “I’m on Fire” for the encore. The cover was first heard as a B-Side to the 2018 re-imagined release of her For Young Hearts opening track, “Henry.”

Soccer Mommy's setlist at the Stone Circle Theater in Queens, NY

Making her next stop in Los Angeles, Allison’s wonder-filled grove fit right in with the mystical nature of the Masonic Lounge in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. After debuting five new songs, Allison was joined by Phoebe Bridgers for a tear-jerking cover of Elliot Smith’s “The Biggest Lie.” Allison opened for Bridgers on her 2018 Farewell Tour, so the duo have been good friends for a while now. Both beloved for their confessional lyricism and mesmerizing croons, Bridgers and Allison brought Smith’s heart-crushing vulnerability to life in an awe-inspiring tribute.

Soccer Mommy's setlist at the Masonic Lounge in Los Angeles, CA.

With seven unreleased debuts under her belt, Allison wrapped up the last two of The Lost Shows in Chicago and Nashville, debuting another unnamed track during her hometown show in Tennessee.

Debuted in New York City, “Lost” is the first of the eight new tracks to make its way into Soccer Mommy’s permanent discography. Released on June 6, the tour’s namesake feels like the auditory manifestation of its imagery. Allison shared her thoughts in the song's press release.

“‘Lost’ feels like something new and something old at the same time. It’s a song that’s full of reflection and I wanted its production to really capture that feeling. I’m happy to have a chance to play it at these more intimate solo shows, because I think it really shines in that setting.”

Allison truly accomplished something special with The Lost Shows. By the end of the run, Allison had debuted almost an album’s worth of new music. Acoustic renditions of deep-cuts and fan favorites made them sound brand new, as fans were treated to live performances of “Benadryl Daydreams,” “Wildflowers,” "Try" and “Bloodstream” for the first time in years.

Soccer Mommy albums featured in The Lost Shows, including unreleased tracks.

This may be biased thinking, but from a fan’s perspective, more artists should adopt this practice. These one-on-one shows are such a meaningful experience for fans and musicians alike. Musicians can introduce loyal listeners to a new side of their music, pared down and personal, fostering the kind connection that makes a show last a lifetime.

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