Taylor Swift Check In: More Live Debuts From The 2024 Eras Tour

If you’re new here, we’ve been closely watching as Taylor Swift makes her way across the European leg of the Eras Tour. Since releasing The Tortured Poets Department during her tour break this spring, the mega artist made some major changes to her setlist – namely, adding the album as an official era on the tour while cutting songs from other eras to make room. See the full breakdown of those setlist changes here.

Outside of the seven TTPD songs that make up the tour era, Taylor has debuted other songs from the album during her “Surprise Songs” set––a two-song arc that changes nightly. Our last update brought the TTPD live debut count to a whopping 15 songs, but we’re not stopping there! Here are the new songs she debuted since then in Madrid, Lyon and Edinburgh:

From TTPD:

  • “I Can Fix Him (No Really I Can)” (mashup with “Sparks Fly”) - Night 1 in Madrid
  • “I Look in People’s Windows” (with elements of “Snow on the Beach”) - Night 1 in Madrid
  • “The Prophecy” - Night 1 in Lyon
  • “Chloe or Sam or Sophia or Marcus” - Night 2 in Lyon
  • “The Bolter” (with elements of “Getaway Car”) - Night 2 in Edinburgh
  • “It’s Nice to Have a Friend” (mashup with “dorothea”) - Night 3 in Edinburgh

From other albums:

  • “Glitch” from Midnights - Night 2 in Lyon
  • “Crazier” from Hannah Montana: The Movie (mashup with "All of the Girls You Loved Before") - Night 2 in Edinburgh
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So we’ve seen 21 TTPD debuts so far, which is huge, but the highlight of this tour update has to be the truly iconic throwback to Taylor’s 2009 acting debut on Hannah Montana: The Movie.

Hits Different: A Taylor Swift Podcast on Youtube

The singer-songwriter wrote and performed the song “Crazier” for the film’s album and on-screen cameo. This is the first time Swift has performed one of her Disney soundtrack songs, and fans were absolutely gagged at the reveal.

Youtube comments / Hits Different: A Taylor Swift Podcast video

With 53 shows left in her 152-show world tour, we can’t wait to see what else she’ll cover from TTPD and the archives. Taylor, if you’re taking soundtrack requests, might I add “Safe & Sound” (feat. the Civil Wars) from The Hunger Games: Songs From District 12 and Beyond?

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Last updated: 17 Jun 2024, 02:29 Etc/UTC