Thom Yorke Announces Rare Solo Fall Tour

Thom Yorke is a bit of a man of mystery.

This is a statement he put out recently about a forthcoming tour, his first since 2019: "In the autumn in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Japan I will be alone on stage trying a new kind of solo show thing playing versions of the songs I have written from my recent and not so recent past."

That sure sounds like slightly altered songs from his solo work, soundtracks, Atoms For Peace, Radiohead and his most recent side project, The Smile.

Yorke has seemed very happy with what has been going on with Smile.

17 Smile songs have been performed over 50 times by himself, his Radiohead pal, Jonny Greenwood, and former Napalm Death drummer Tom Skinner.

Since 2013, by comparison, Radiohead haven't even played 100 gigs. Usually when your singer goes solo it's hasta la vista for the band. But Yorke has not only gone solo, he's created side projects and now another mini solo tour.

It was just a few months ago that The Smile was live debuting new songs and telling rowdy members of its audience to shut the heck up.

Is the solo tour a reaction to people thinking The Smile is his new band, that it's Radiohead 2.0 and the only way to hush those whispers is to do a month solo in the paradise of Asia and Australia?

Then fine, Thom. Get thee on that keyboard with the mini Moog on top. Make weird sounds and beautiful piano melodies. Sing to us into the evening. Force the hyper to behave.

Soothe our souls by smiling with your eyes.

And maybe even start off the show with "Creep" so we don't have to yell it out during an uncomfortable silence.

Get tickets to his shows by going to the Waste website.

Thom Yorke 2024 Tour Dates:
10/23 – Christchurch, New Zealand @ Wolfbrook Arena
10/25 – Auckland, New Zealand @ Spark Arena
10/29 – Melbourne, Australia @ Sidney Myer Music Bowl
10/30 – Melbourne, Australia @ Sidney Myer Music Bowl
11/01 – Sydney, Australia @ Sydney Opera House Forecourt
11/02 – Sydney, Australia @ Sydney Opera House Forecourt
11/05 – Singapore @ The Star Theatre
11/12 – Osaka, Japan @ Grand Cube
11/13 – Osaka, Japan @ Grand Cube
11/18 – Fukuoka, Japan @ Sunplace
11/19 – Hiroshima, Japan @ Hiroshima Bunka Gakuen HBG Hall
11/21 – Nagoya, Japan @ Century Hall
11/23 – Tokyo, Japan @ Tokyo Garden Theatre
11/24 – Tokyo, Japan @ Tokyo Garden Theatre
11/26 – Kyoto, Japan @ ROHM Theatre

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