Tour Check In: Jon Batiste

Because people used to watch Jon Batiste every night on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, they may take him for granted. They shouldn't.

Batiste is a phenomenon. He's a musical prodigy. He's not only a multi-Grammy winner, but he's won five trophies for four different songs, including Album of the Year for We Are.

The year We Are won, Batiste beat out Taylor Swift, Kanye, Tony Bennet & Lady Gaga, Doja, Justin Bieber, Olivia Rodrigo, and Lil Nas X. So it wasn't any easy path.

The singer and multi-instrumentalist's popularity has only increased since. But because he has never been involved in scandal, or wears racy outfits, or saying anything crazy on Twitter, he's often overlooked, which is sad.

We are midway through 2024, and just look at his tour:

Nearly every show has been a sellout in both the US and Canada? Early and Late shows in San Fran?

Technically that 4/13 Coachella gig was a sell out too.

Speaking of... apparently his set at Coachella was inspired by a wardrobe malfunction.

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"My first Coachella set, and my pants split just before the first song. Classic!" Batiste wrote on his Facebook page.

"No one noticed either, but it made me play different. It was meant to be. I've come to love these "mistakes" that occur during performance because they reveal the truth. We play music from the soul, for the people. Nothing else matters on stage but tapping in! Thank you to all the folks who came out to see our set. What a great and massive crowd!" he continued.

So yes that means Jon Batiste, one of the most wholesome, spiritual, good-natured and positive people in show biz, covered "Back That Azz Up" with his azz somewhat uncovered?

Classic, indeed!

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While at Coachella, Batiste also performed with Lana Del Rey in her headlining Friday nights.

The pair played their Grammy-nominated "Candy Necklace" as our girl sang from on top his Steinway. Talk about a distraction. But listen as Jon tickled those ivories with pizazz to reach the kids way back in the Spicy Pie line.

Then he soloed as she took some spins on the stripper pole. Mama mia.

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Batiste this year also did the Daily Double of award shows.

He performed on both the Grammys and the Oscars - a feat very few can boast in the same year. Adele did them both in 2016; John Legend & Common, as well as Lady Gaga did it in 2015; Phil Collins pulled it off in 2000; and fellow Louisianan Harry Connick did it in 1991.

So it does happen, but not a lot, and it's a sure sign you're a bone fide star.

For this tour, Batiste has kept audiences guessing.

Of the 47 stops on the Uneasy Tour, he has only performed four songs more than 30 times and dozens of songs just once.

And even though he's a talented songwriter, he seemingly loves doing covers. On this tour alone he's covered over 50 songs from Prince ("Purple Rain") to Kellis "Milkshake."

Jon has many more dates on his schedule including some smaller venues in the midwest on his way to Bonnaroo this weekend.

Grab your tickets on his website while they're still available as he heads west for shows at the Greek Theater in LA in August and Radio City in NYC in September.

You'll laugh with delight after watching this short bit too.


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