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Girl in Red, moniker for Marie Ulven, is an indie artist from Oslo, Norway, whose sentimental and dreamy love songs are sure to have you ~in your feels~. Girl in Red started creating music in her bedroom in 2017, and by 2018 she was already blowing up, with her music videos gaining hundreds of thousands of views and a strong fanbase getting behind her.
As a queer artist, Ulven is very open about her sexuality, with songs like “girls” and “i wanna be your girlfriend.” The mellow and nostalgic “we fell in love in october,” whose chorus reads “my girl, my girl!” is a look inside Ulven’s journey to self acceptance of her queer identity. She explains,
"I wrote in 2015, and it's basically the first song I wrote about a girl in the first relationship I had with a girl. I had broken up with my boyfriend and I'd been in this relationship with this girl and it's just me declaring my love for this girl. Just screaming, "My girl, my girl!" twenty times in the chorus and sort of just owning it because I struggled a long time accepting it, and there was so much shit going on with this girl, there was just so much drama. It's about when things have kind of settled and I'm like Fuck yeah, this is my girl. And you will be my girl. I don't know, I love this girl."
Even though Girl in Red's songs are written from Ulven's personal perspective, their sentiments are highly relatable, exploring emotions that many people go through in relationships.
Like many up and coming artists, Girl in Red has only released individual singles throughout the past two years, along with one EP, aptly titled chapter 1. However, with only that material she has become a buzzy name in the indie pop scene, even opening for Clairo in concert last year.
This fall, Girl in Red will be embarking on her first headlining tour, in Europe and the US. Be sure to keep an eye out for Girl in Red’s next releases, and see her live in a city near you soon!

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