Paul McCartney Brought Out Ringo Starr + Joe Walsh in Los Angeles

They said Paul McCartney is an honorary millennial, but I had to see it to believe it. The man is 77 years old, and he's got more energy and spark than me and my friends, combined! His wit and comedic charm is also an attribute that has only flourished year by year.
Last night was a testament to this AND his historic career - a career he's proven remains timeless with each passing year. I had the privilege of catching the legend in his element last night at the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, his last stop on the 2019 Freshen Up North American Tour!
McCartney and his talented backing back ran onto the stage to a roaring applause (would I dare say louder than a Dodgers game?) and fired off the night with "A Hard Days Night." His whopping 38-song setlist remained the same as the rest of the tour, but the easter eggs he threw in were unparalleled. Us fans were lucky to catch the last night of tour - the grand finale.
During the straight three-hour set, Macca kept us on our toes. From a horn trio lighting up the vibes by performing in the crowd, to McCartney's endless supply of stories that came after nearly every song, the night was an experience of music, history and entertainment.
At the tail-end of a euphonic performance of "Let Me Roll It," the band went into an explosive jam of Jimi Hendrix's "Foxy Lady." Macca then went on to tell a story about the guitar legend - About how Jimi learned "Sgt. Pepper" only two days after it was released and opened one of his shows with it, and then proceeded to ask Eric Clapton, who was in the audience, to tune his guitar after destroying it during one of his legendary solos.
Macca is like that grandpa you love who's full of hard-to-believe stories from the past that you can never get enough of. He also made sure to pay tribute to each of his late and great Beatles bandmates.
McCartney switched to piano in the middle of the set for a myriad of songs. He performed his solo track "My Valentine," in which the music video, featuring Natalie Portman and Johnny Depp, was projected on the screens to accompany the song.
Then he said "this next song is for the Wings fans out there" and I was like, "HE'S TALKING ABOUT ME" and I jumped up and down as he serenaded "Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five."
Speaking of Wings, my favorite part of the set had to be "Band On the Run," and I was a little disappointed that no one around me was scream-singing the entire verse and chorus with me... Oh well.
My favorite moment was tied with the end of the set, when they did "Live and Let Die" and had pyro blast from the stage along with FIREWORKS!!! It was so magical a single tear dropped from my eye. (Ok, many tears...)
"Live and Let Die"
The set closer was "Hey Jude," and I tried to count how many "Na Nas" were sung, but lost track. Let's just say 300.
That wasn't the end though, not even close. After a standing ovation, McCartney and his band came back on stage holding flags - America, the UK, California, and LGBTQ. It was a beautiful flex.
After performing "Birthday" as the first song of the encore, McCartney introduced a VERY special guest - RINGO STARR! They embraced, exchanged sentiments... it was all very pure. Then Starr exclaimed "I'm going to get on me drums." And just like that, we were nearly witnessing a Beatles show.
They performed "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club (Reprise)" first, but the real treat was when they did "Helter Skelter." The visuals were psychedelic and I felt an out-of-body experience if I'm being honest here.
McCartney with Ringo Starr
Ringo left the stage but that wasn't the last surprise Sir Paul had in store for us. During the very last song "The End," he brought out Eagles legend Joe Walsh, who was there to simply do his thing, aka SHRED the hell out of his guitar.

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McCartney with Joe Walsh
Finally ending the night was another round of fireworks, and me walking away completely reborn.
Thanks Macca ❤️
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