Nick Cave Performs 21-Song Livestream Set, Live Debuts 2 Songs

The pandemic has many of us feeling lonely... But leave it to Nick Cave to turn that loneliness into pure poetry in form of a solo livestream concert, where he played on a grand piano in the middle of an empty Alexandra Palace in London.

Suited up in black, and ever so pensive in his artistry, Cave gifted us a 21-song performance that not only spanned across the Bad Seeds career, but also live debuted two songs. The first debut was one he opened with - "Idiot Prayer." The 1997 song had never been played live before.

The setlist, as promised, carried "rare tracks that most fans will be hearing for the first time." He even included two Grinderman songs - "Palaces of Montezuma" and "Man in the Moon."

Another highlight came when he premiered his brand new song "Euthanasia." Shortly after, Cave performed "He Wants You" for the first time since 2013. He also played cuts like "The Mercy Seat," "Into My Arms," and set closer "Galleon Ship." Each song was amplified and dramatized with the use of mood lighting, utilizing technology to do the best it can to mimic the raw emotions we feel seeing a band live.

Check out everything Cave played right here:

Nick Cave

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