Work From Home: Bang Bang Romeo

British rockers Bang Bang Romeo are transforming themselves in quarantine. Although the COVID-19 pandemic made them miss what was to be their first big headlining tour, they’re using this time to learn new skills, create in new ways and connect with their fans. A few weeks ago we caught up with Anastasia “Stars” Walker and Ross Cameron to talk about their lockdown experience so far, the making of the music video for “Stone Cold Superstar” and their plans going forward. Take a look:
Work From Home: Bang Bang Romeo
Stars: So I think it's been a extremely reflective time. And I feel like I've come out on the other end, I feel more creative, I feel more stable in myself, I feel like I've given my friends more of me which we should all do more we should all speak to our families like this anyway, why are we not? And so I think I've come out of this a better person.
Ross: I feel a little bit of accomplishment with learning Logic and learning to do things that we not really have the time to but now it's so busy. It's all just learning how to work a studio from home and stuff like that.
Stars: You know, we're setting up studio in our own houses, aren't we? We're all in individual houses and learning new ways of recording. I don't think I've ever written so much in my life. So you know, it's that sort of a silver lining you've got to find that glimmer of light in the darkness. And that's something that I'm holding on to in these very tough times that my guitar has become my companion. And I've been able to write about the times that we're in and find new ways of writing and new ways of recording.
But this is a new age now, this is a new digital age and things are changing. We're given the opportunity to perform to people you know so far away, in China and Australia, and that opportunity is incredible. And this is using the internet right. Your new single has been out for just a couple of weeks now. What's been your favorite feedback about it so far?
Stars: Oh, my gosh I think probably the making of the music video so with this song, we normally you know, go into a studio, create a music video, given the times that we're in, and especially the message of the song "Stone Cold Superstar.” We wanted to make a bit of a homemade video, didn't we. So we got all our BBRMY which is our fan base and we got you know, the fans to send videos of themselves rocking out to the song. And it was extremely touching to get, you know, 100 or a couple hundred of people send videos.
Ross: Yeah, you have to agree it's just a goose bump moment when you watch everybody come together and help us out. We've got really close, close knit fans. How does your internet audience compared to a live audience? Do you still feel connected to your BBRMY?
Ross: Yeah, cause they jump in straight away with the comments and you see the love hearts so you know, it's great feeling to see them pop up. And it's a different vibe altogether really, because obviously you're not hearing them and seeing them back but, we got a big buzz out of it anyway don't we?
Stars: You know they're very  present, our fan base and whether that is actually in person or not, on social media they're just as present and they're very vocal, they're very loud, they're very strong. What were your plans for 2020 originally, and what are they now?
Stars: We should have already completed our biggest ever headline tour. Now I feel like the plan is exactly the same. We keep going, we keep releasing music. We just learn how to do it in a different way.
We adapt, we evolve. We have the same goals still. We still have the same amount of passion. That's not changed. All that has changed now is you know our methods.

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