Work From Home: The Buckleys

Things are looking up for Byron Bay sibling band The Buckleys as they look forward to their debut album release in August AND Australia looks ahead at some October 2020 shows. A few months ago we caught up with them after they had finished one of the first virtual world tours. In this episode of Tour update: Work From Home Lachlan, Molly and Sarah Grace of The Buckleys shared their experience and what else they’ve done in quarantine to keep busy.
Work From Home: The Buckleys
Editor’s note: This interview was conducted 5/19/2020 Describe your quarantine headquarters for us.
Molly: We've pretty much taken over the house.
Sarah Grace: Yeah we just finished a World Virtual Tour with Live Nation which was super fun so we're completely a house, pretty much production house right now it's turned into. We've kicked the parents out. How do you prepare for a virtual world tour?
Lachlan: Coffee and good snacks.
Molly: It was pretty funny as well because we had to get our little brother who was twelve years old, just turned thirteen.
Sarah Grace: And he had never really played with a band. He loves playing drums.
Molly: And he's so good, so had rehearsed him up. Kinda took us back to those family days where we were all just playing together. Your newest single just came out a few days ago, "Breathe". What's been your favorite feedback about it so far?

Sarah Grace:  For me it's been really cool to see how it has been relating so many different people in different ways. It might be about the world right now. Some people might be about a relationship, or something internally going on. There's so many different stories that people are connecting with it. Have you've been doing anything else to keep yourself busy?
Molly: We just did Chef Nation which is like we had to teach people how to make something and we're like the worst cooks and it was so funny.
Lachlan: It was awful.
Molly: Sarah failed miserably. Any messages of positivity for your fans out there?
Sarah Grace: Yeah, stay positive and you know like the song “Breathe" said it's just about looking forward and staying hopeful and looking to the future, I think.
The Buckleys debut album, Daydream, comes out August 21st. Pre-order or pre-save here.
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