Korn Play Upheaval Festival w/ Suicidal Tendencies' Roberto Díaz

Korn hit the stage at Michigan's Upheaval Festival for their first performance of the summer. The July 16 set in Grand Rapids also marked the band's first time playing live with Suicidal Tendencies' Roberto Díaz. The bassist is filling in for Fieldy on Korn's summer 2021 shows and their upcoming North American run with Staind.
Korn's 16-song festival setlist kicked off with "Insane" from their twelfth studio album The Serenity of Suffering. The band performed "Victimized" from The Paradigm Shift for the first time with a live crowd. Additional rarities made their way onto the setlist included "Ass Itch" from Life Is Peachy (first time live since 2008) and "Dirty" from their acclaimed release Issues (first time with a crowd since 2011).
See the full Upheaval Festival setlist below:

Watch a fan-shot video of the performance:

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