Mastodon Performs Acoustic Livestream at the Georgia Aquarium

The year is 2021, and if you told us that the Grammy award-winning heavy metal band Mastodon would perform an acoustic livestream inside of an aquarium, well, after a year like 2020, we would simply believe you. Their unconventional set took place July 15 at Atlanta's Georgia Aquarium and was streamed via the platform Dreamstage. The unplugged performance marks the group's first ever time playing entirely acoustic.
Mastodon opened their 9-song setlist with "Naked Burn," which was played live for the first time since 2014. The set featured a world premiere of their song "Skeleton of Splendor." Additional rarities made their way onto the setlist like "The Sparrow" (first time live since 2014) and two live debuts with "Elephant Man" and "Pendulous Skin." See the full setlist below:

The performance is available for re-play until July 18:

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