Fall Out Boy Live Debut "Fourth of July" in 2015

It's must have been very rewarding to be a Fall Out Boy fan attending the July 4th show in Scranton, Pennsylvania in 2015. They got to witness the live debut of "Fourth of July" ON the 4th of July! A moment in music history that never happened again...

The band were a little over two weeks into their Boys of Zummer tour with Wiz Khalifa, which ran June 10 until August 10. This was the only time on that tour they included it in the setlist - and it's only been performed 41 times to date, the last time being a 2017 show in Tokyo.

This summer tour set off six months after FOB released their sixth studio album, American Beauty / American Psycho. "Fourth of July" is not the least performed track on the album - that goes to "Novocaine" with 35 performances to date. Still, there are two tracks from AB/AP that they've never played live - "Favorite Record" and closing track "Twin Skeletons (Hotelin NYC)".

See the full setlist from that holiday show + some fan footage of the debut below:

Fall Out Boy setlist

Fan footage:

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