5 Seconds of Summer Kick Off 2023 World Tour With Live Debuts

5 Seconds of Summer kicked off their 2023 world tour on July 19 at Estadio Luna Park in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Their trip around the globe will consist of 37 stops, with a final show on October 12 at the Fortuna Sports Hall in Prague, Czech Republic before heading over to Las Vegas, Nevada for the When We Were Young festival.

5SOS reportedly started things off at 9:05pm, playing for a total of two hours. The night consisted of a wide variety songs from the group's discography, including older tracks that haven't been heard in years and two live debuts.

Fans were hit with quite a shock when the band played "She's Kinda Hot," with many online claiming that they 'must be dreaming' and it's 'exactly what they needed in 2023.' The song hasn't made an appearance in a show since 2018. Another oldie but goodie songs that longtime '5SOS Fam' members were excited about include "Vapor," "Don't Stop," and "Why Won't You Love Me."

Like other popular artists such as Taylor Swift and Fall Out Boy, 5 Seconds of Summer have decided to utilize the art of a 'surprise song,' opting to have a gigantic dice be thrown around the audience to decide which would be played!

That night, luck fans in the audience were treated to "Heartache on the Big Screen," which hasn't been played since 2016!

The live debuts came closer to the end of the show, but they were both definitely worth the wait. "You Don't Go To Parties" off of their fifth studio album, 5SOS5 that came out in 2022 was up first.

Then came "Best Friends" off of the same album, which got many in the audience emotional as they chanted the lyrics.

Take a look at the entire setlist from last night:

5 Seconds of Summer setlist

And click here for more information about upcoming tour dates!

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