Adele's Best Cover Songs We Hope She Brings Back to Vegas

After taking July off, in a week Adele returns to her Weekends With Adele Las Vegas residency at Caesars Palace.

The most newsworthy thing that's happened so far on this tour was her sarcastically "daring" fans to throw things at her. But sharp-eyed fans who have peered at her setlists have seen she has only performed the Bob Dylan cover of "Make You Feel My Love" once this year and twice last year. The song helped her become a star.

When you sing in front of Oprah, you don't skimp on the hits. During COVID, Adele sang to a socially-distanced audience above LA next to Griffith Observatory where she sang the Dylan tune.

While we hope she revisits that beautiful tune, here are other cover songs she's nailed over the years that we hope she brings back to Sin City.

Etta James, "Fool That I Am"

Adele says this Etta James tune is what made her want to be a singer. That's the sort of thing that gets audiences to lean a little closer in their seat to hear what the inspiration was.

Of the covers Adele has sung, the Dylan number is her most performed at over 225, and this Etta one is #2, but far behind at just 52. She has not blessed audiences with this since 2009.

The Cure, "Lovesong"

On her second album, 21, Adele asked her friends and even strangers what she should cover. Someone recommended this hit from The Cure's 1987 classic, Disintegration, which she added a bossa nova rhythm too.

During a show at the Royal Albert Hall, the singer said her mom took her to her first concert ever and it was The Cure at what sounds like "Finsbury Park" when she was a little girl. If that was the case, she may have been to the gig they played there in 1993.

Ironically, "Lovesong" was not on the setlist. Glad she's making up for it. She's played this cover 51 times, but the last time was in 2011.

Bonnie Raitt, "I Can't Make You Love Me"

Country songwriters Mike Reid and Allen Shamblin worked hard to make this tune perfect and when they did they gave it to Bonnie Raitt and it became one of her biggest hit.

Adele not only covered it a number of times in 2011 but placed her version in her first live album, Live at the Royal Albert Hall. And then never played it again live. While it's great that Adele writes most of her own material, not only does she do a beautiful job on this one, but it reminds us how underrated Raitt is as a pure singer when compared to this siren.

Wanda Jackson, "Funnel of Love"

On New Year's Day in 2011 Adele performed four songs on XFM radio in Manchester. She played two tunes off her new album, her hit from her debut, and a Wanda Jackson tune that we can't find on YouTube which is sad because who doesn't want to hear that?

In 1954, when Wanda was just 16 years-old, Elvis himself heard her song "You Can't Have My Love" and took her on tour for him as his opener. The pair soon became a romantic couple, with the blessing of her father who was her chaperone on tour. But once audiences saw her perform they dubbed her The Female Elvis.

Decades later Jack White signed her to his Third Man record label and, as he did with Loretta Lynn, introduced Jackson to a younger audience. He even went on tour with her as her guitar player on her 2011 tour.

Guess who hired Wanda to open for her on 10 dates of her 2011 tour? Adele, who said "Funnel of Love" was one of her favorite songs.

Then girl lets hear it, you've only played it once!

Michael Jackson, "Human Nature"

Just a few days after The King of Pop died in Los Angeles, Adele headlined the Hollywood Bowl. While there she gave tribute to Michael by having her band play a few measures off the best selling album of all time. Fun as that may be, it doesn't really fit her style or show off her vocal range. Another tune off that album, "Human Nature" would be something different, indeed.

Watch Justin Timberlake from a show he did in Vegas, naturally, hit those high notes that Adele would have no problem reaching.

This is a song that was covered by Miles Davis over 350 times, Toto, John Mayer, and even Stevie Wonder. Let's have a real diva give it a try.

Beyoncé, "Love On Top"

We know how much Beyoncé means to Adele, and maybe that's why the only Beyoncé cover we can find in the database is when she sang it at her BFFs wedding (along with a Spice Girls classic).

And true, no one can outdo Bey with the singing and the dancing and the attitude and the Everything.

Adele jumped on "stage" at her best friend's wedding in 2020 and sang these songs along to a DJ track. Alcohol may have been involved, as is typical at wedding receptions.

"Love On Top" is one of those songs that mere mortals shouldn't attempt. The song itself is challenging but then when you get to the back half with the key changes: holy smokes.

Adele could own those. And what a crowd pleaser. And what a tribute it could be.

At the 2011 MTV VMAs where Adele took home three moon men, she was in the audience watching Bey perform this song and singing along. There's going to be a day Adele covers her hero. No time like the present.

Adele returns to Vegas in August, get your tickets via her website.

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