Artists We'd Love To See Touring Right Now

With so many legendary artists circling the globe for the last time on tour, and a few we'll never see again, it's hard not to think about some artists who would sell out any venue they wanted right now but who aren't on the road for whatever reason.

Let's talk about why they should get out there!


"Makeba" is six years old and finally ready for her closeup. Make it happen, Jain.

If you spend even 10 minutes on TikTok you're bound to hear the instant earworm. For those who spend much longer, the tune may have turned annoying.

But that's not Jain's fault. "Makeba" is a six year-old tune about a South African actress/activist and Grammy-winning singer named Miriam Makeba that appeared on Jain's debut album. It's had a modicum of success going #1 in Latvia and getting a Grammy nom for its video, but it took TikTok to make it a hit in the USA.

Jain's new album The Fool dropped earlier this year.

The French singer right now needs to take advantage of this window being opened. First, her website is overly complicated and adorably French. It takes way too many clicks to see she won't be playing any gigs until October.

TikTok might be banned by then. Get on the road, très vite. Open for someone. Open for anyone. Be crazy and "open" for Taylor Swift. Maybe not elbow out Phoebe Bridgers or Haim, but if 10,000 screaming Swifties are in the parking lot before during and after every show... get on the back of a pickup truck and entertain those very same folks that know that 15-second hook. And hook 'em.

Tracy Chapman

We get it, she's shy, and she swimming in royalty checks thanks to Luke Combs' countrified version of "Fast Car." Why hit the road... in this economy?!

Because Tracy Chapman 35 years ago and today is still the exception to the rule. At the end of the '80s an unknown folk singer with poignant songs outsold boybands and Laker Girls. And today a song written by a Black queer woman is blowing up the Country charts.

Tracy needs to be out there showing Gen Z that anything is possible as long as you're genuine. And you don't have to be a Kardashian or Beyoncé, or Taylor Swift. You can look like the woman in front of you at the grocery store with no makeup and no Twitter account.

The last time Tracy Chapman had a real tour was in 2009. This was the final show of that tour.

It's not often that Bruce Springsteen has opening acts, but now that his US tour is just a few weeks away, maybe he should give Tracy a call and see if she wants to warm up the baseball and football stadiums he's about to rock.

The Boss doesn't put on 3 1/2 hour shows any more, so how about let Tracy do a 12-song set and remind the audience what FM radio was like when he had released Tunnel of Love.


AC/DC has not played a show since 2016. Barack Obama was still in office.

The band was hit hard when co-founder Malcolm Young died in 2017 and had some drama when singer Brian Johnson had hearing problems.

In fact those last set of shows in 2016 saw Axl Rose fronting the band, which was interesting for novelty sake, but if Brian is still walking the crust and can belt out "Back in Black" and the others, that should be him next to Angus.

In October AC/DC are scheduled to play Power Trip in the desert of Coachella on the Saturday night where Judas Priest will open. Both of these bands are vital in the history of hard rock and metal and it's a miracle that two bands who started in 1971 (Priest) and 1975 (AC/DC) are still bringing it.

Which is why they should go on tour together right after Power Trip.

That's the reasonable, predictable, typical move.

But what audiences really want is for AC/DC to do a co-headlining tour with The Rolling Stones - a band that started in the '60s and has no business being as good as they are this late in life.

The Rolling Stones are working on a new album and one would expect a tour. Both AC/DC and the Stones can sell out stadiums no matter who else is on the bill, but why not give the people something special this late in your career?

Neither band needs the money or the press so who cares who opens or closes. Who cares what songs you play. Just be there and do it.

And... since AC/DC hardly ever makes guest appearances on albums or on stage, why not follow up on the exception they made 20 years ago in Germany and Canada and jam with the Glimmer Twins?


You expect some screaming fans at an Ed Sheeran show, but people who were in Detroit earlier this month when Eminem was the surprise guest said the reaction was deafening.

And that is because even though Sheeran surprisingly has no problem selling out football stadiums around the world, Eminem is even more popular.

As great as he was in Ford Field for those two songs, it's hard not to think the gifted rapper really hates touring.

Since 2019, Eminem has played the Oscars, the Super Bowl, and his Rock Hall of Fame Induction, but no tours.

The last year he did more than 20 dates in a calendar year was 2005. In the last 8 years he's done 39 shows, total.

If there's anyone who a Vegas Residency is suited for it's Eminem. Let him stay in one place and make the audience come to him. He's sold over 220 million albums - he's got fans.

But since Eminem loves the Motor City so much, let the world come to Detroit.

Set up a regular schedule like what Billy Joel does with Madison Square Garden, and sell out Little Caesars Arena every time. No one cares about production, no one cares about a full band. A track, a mic, and put him in-the-round just like at the Ed show.

People would come to Detroit for this.

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